John Cena received heat from some Superstars for using the STF

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John Cena received heat from some Superstars for using the STF

One of the most missing fighters on the WWE rings in recent times, he is certainly the one who has been regarded by many as one of the last true faces of the company for years. We are obviously talking about the Leader of the Chain Gang, WWE's multiple world champion: John Cena.

Over the years, in fact, the Boston rapper has grown out of all proportion in the WWE rings, becoming its real flagship, becoming for many even bigger than WWE itself, since many people know him but not the McMahon company.

A stratospheric success, which has now led Cena to launch his career in the world of TV and cinema, as already done by his predecessor The Rock. But it didn't always go in Cena's favor, especially in the WWE rings, where for a while, John took the wrath of his colleagues at himself, for a new maneuver he didn't do so well, his finisher: the STF-U.

Arn Anderson reveals his role in John Cena's STF

As reported in his last speech to Ask Arn Anything, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson, who has recently been working in the AEW rings as a road agent and as an on-screen manager, wanted to tell how John Cena came to make his STF, also telling of the short period of heat he had with his colleagues, after starting to make the move the first few times.

As for the STF-U, Arn said: "I got a feeling when he put it in his repertoire of him and I was the one who told him to use it because I had seen it several times in Japan. It was Chono's finishing move, right? Well, yes, I thought it was a tremendously perfect finisher.

You trap the guy's leg. His knee will be a little uncomfortable and then you pull him up, grabbing him like a hook from the trunk. Apparently, the first few times he used it, he must have gotten his strength wrong and some guys started screaming after matches' Hey man, you were choking me out there!

You have to go slower.' From that moment on, John always said, 'Oh it wasn't my intention.' In the end, he was always very careful to gauge his strength in that move. This is the only flaw that can be accused of him.

He never went out of his way once in the ring for me." The STF added a much-needed freshness to John Cena's move set when he first introduced the STF over a decade ago. While the likes of Steve Austin and many others would have complaints about John Cena's restrained STF, the superstar himself needed to make the change for his opponent's safety.