Kurt Angle recalls his first meeting with Vince McMahon

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Kurt Angle recalls his first meeting with Vince McMahon

Many times, on WWE TV screens there are facts and segments that fans not only do not understand but who criticize harshly against the management of the company, guilty of not having used their favorites in the best way, in their opinion, being therefore disappointed by that.

they have just seen, especially after a PPV that gets paid, with WWE Universe fans always feeling entitled to criticize any kind of creative choice WWE decides to follow. The main suspect who is often singled out as the architect of these bizarre and counter-current choices is precisely the Chairman of the federation, Vince McMahon, who over the years has accustomed his fans to absurd choices, which very often have shocked fans, such as the end of the Undertaker streak and many other times have instead disappointed the expectations of those who follow the Stamford-owned federation.

In his last speech to the microphones of his The Kurt Angle Show, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, in fact, wanted to have his say on the always unusual and original behavior of the WWE Chairman, with the intention of Vince that would be to confuse always the ideas of the fans, to give a surprise effect that is not always pleasant.

In his long chat, Kurt Angle indeed stated: "Vince McMahon listens to the fans, he does. Whatever he does, he always does it to tease the fans on purpose and I think he likes to do it and make them resent a bit, but he still has a psychology to do it.

He always does something that makes fans come back to watch the product. He loves attention. He loves to make noise, he loves to do great things and above all he loves to put things so hard that he doesn't let the fans understand anything and confuse them every single time.

Will fans be so frustrated enough? Sometimes, however, he makes you so eager to keep following that he changes the cards from one second to the next."

Kurt Angle initially received a multi-million dollar contract offer from WWE

Apparently, according to Kurt Angle, that of Vince McMahon would be a real strategy to bring as many fans as possible to follow the deeds of the WWE Superstars, with a constantly uncertain and confused air, which would lead WWE Universe fans to always be curious.

more about what is being brought to the stage by the company. Kurt Angle was offered a contract almost immediately after meeting Vince McMahon. The contract in question was a five-million-dollar deal for the next ten years ($500,000 per year).

Kurt Angle, unfortunately, turned down the multi-million dollar deal. The Wrestling Machine would later join the company on a training contract which had him earning around 50,000 dollars a year. Kurt Angle described the experience of seeing the contract take such a fall as "humbling."