MVP's injury on WWE Raw was legitimate

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MVP's injury on WWE Raw was legitimate

MVP was one of the great protagonists of 2020 on Monday Night Raw, participating in the experiment, which turned out to be a failure, of Raw Underground, becoming United States Champion and bringing the stable to the fore with Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, known as "The Hurt Busines" Even insiders have praised his commitment on screens and outside the ring, and his desire to help the other stars on the roster.

An excellent path that gave him a second youth and pushed him to follow his son's advice, deciding not to retire from the stage as originally planned. At the moment, however, his status remains uncertain due to a knee injury that he allegedly suffered during the last episode of the red show during a Six Tag Team Match.

Dave Meltzer also expressed himself on the issue during the Wrestling Observer Radio: "It would seem that MVP has given his knee. I don't know if he was due to a bad bump, but as soon as he stepped back into the ring he started limping.

As soon as the cameras went out, he was helped by the medical staff to go backstage. A very similar situation to when Kevin Nash broke his quadriceps. No doubt he got hurt, but I don't know the extent of the injury."

MVP was injured during WWE RAW this week

A real-time update came a few hours ago from the well-known PWinsider website, according to which MVP was taken to a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, to carry out a full knee evaluation (after his injury on Raw).

At the moment, however, the exact extent of his physical problem is not yet known. It is the official home of the WWE medical staff and in the past, there have been many wrestlers who have treated themselves there over the years.

We'll see if the Company releases any updates on the official website in the next few hours, with the hope that the status of the injury will not alter the plans for Hurt Business ahead of WrestleMania. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed a bump that MVP took during RAW this week where it appeared that he blew out his knee.

This was a spot that looked pretty bad, and it appeared as though he was being helped to the back during the match. “Did you see MVP blow out his knee? I don’t know how serious it was, he either took, I don’t think it was from this, he either took a bump off the apron and landed on his feet then he gets into the ring, it seems like he was walking in the ring and his knee just went out.

It didn’t play into the match, he was limping…they were helping him to the back when the camera was off, but when the camera was on, he was trying to walk on his own and gut it out and not sell it”.