Booker T explains why he never liked Elimination Chamber matches

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Booker T explains why he never liked Elimination Chamber matches

Since its official debut way back in 2002, the Elimination Chamber has been one of WWE's most violent and discussed matches. Over the years it has given fans great moments but, as it turns out, not all superstars have been thrilled by struggling within.

Among these is the Hall of Famer Booker T which, on the occasion of its podcast, explained his contempt for this type of match: "At the first Elimination Chamber you only wanted to participate because it was something historical, but not for the rest.

I had recently arrived in WWE and I understood how the boys worked differently. Their mentality was also different, they wanted to go out there and bring blood and violence to the ring. But I wanted to limit myself to very classic wrestling matches."

The multiple world champion then added: "I was not used to fighting in these facilities and every time I was totally out of my comfort zone. I really didn't want to participate and whenever it came to discuss it, I always tried to step aside.

That's why I have never fought inside the Hell in a Cell and I limited myself only to the first Elimination Chamber in 2002. But that's just my opinion."

WWE Elimination Chamber is taking place this weekend

The Elimination Chamber, over the years, has also extended to the women's division of the WWE.

The first to win it, in 2018, was Alexa Bliss. This year, however, the plans seem to have been skipped and we should only attend the two Elimination Chambers of Raw and SmackDown, linked to the male roster. While the match of the red show will be valid for the WWE Championship, currently held by Drew McIntyre, the one of the blue show will be valid to decree Roman Reigns' challenger who, during the same evening, will defend the Universal Championship.

The PPV will be held on the night of Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd February at Tropicana Field, Florida. As has been happening for several months now, the audience will only be the virtual one of the ThunderDome. The first event to have him readmitted in attendance, barring any last minute changes, will be WrestleMania at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

Booker T will be watching along with the rest of us as WWE Superstars put their bodies on the line this Sunday. Each Elimination Chamber match will have different stakes, but the danger is still going to be present in a match as unpredictable as that.

WWE brought the go-home show before Elimination Chamber to fans this week. How did the viewership turn out? Due to President’s Day, the ratings were delayed a bit this week Showbuzz Daily reports that WWE Monday Night Raw brought an overnight three-hour overnight average of 1.810 million viewers. Last week brought a year-low of 1.715 million viewers.