Braun Strowman makes fun of Brock Lesnar look-alike Parker Boudreaux

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Braun Strowman makes fun of Brock Lesnar look-alike Parker Boudreaux

As reported by us at WorldWrestling on Saturday 6 February, WWE has recently hired a new wrestler who comes from the world of football, named Parker Boudreaux, with the young 22-year-old who is already seen by many as the new Brock Lesnar of the WWE, especially for the similarity of the face and body of the massive boy.

After the praise also arrived from Mag Genius, Paul Heyman, who immediately defined him as the new "The Next Big Thing", a nickname that was initially given to Lesnar on his debut, several other colleagues and professionals wanted to comment on his arrival in the company, with fans who are no longer in the skin waiting for his debut in the NXT rings.

Former Universal Champion Braun Strowman isn't impressed with Brock Lesnar look-alike Parker Boudreaux if his latest tweet is any indication.

Braun Strowman vs. Parker Boudreaux would certainly be an interesting collision

In the last few hours, several fans have tried on social networks to bring the newcomer closer to Braun Strowman, former WWE Universal Champion, with the intention of teasing the Monster Among Men's imagination, regarding a possible future match between the two.

In the general surprise, however, Strowman immediately canceled all the expectations of fans and insiders, highly snubbing his possible opponent and writing in response to a fan's comment: "Wrestlemania...???? Lol, call me if he can even figure out how to put the laces on his #IoSonolunicoBigThing boots."

With very few words, the former WWE World Champion closed the Lesnar 2.0 practice, with a huge challenge that fans were already looking forward to, not even knowing the technical qualities and skills that this new fighter will have, since apparently he doesn't have any kind of pro-wrestling background and will therefore have to start from scratch, just like Braun Strowman did a few years ago.

The thing that leaves fans with a smile is the thought that Strowman himself, a few years ago, was in the exact same position as Parker Boudreaux, but apparently, the wrestler has a short memory and now he is swaggering. So far, Parker Boudreaux has been received quite well by pro-wrestling fans.

His physique and large form remind many of Brock Lesnar when the WWE legend had arrived on the main roster in 2002. Boudreaux has been dubbing himself "The Next Big Thing" for a while now. Fans might remember that this was Lesnar's moniker back when he was a newbie on the main roster.