Carlito won't be back in WWE so soon

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Carlito won't be back in WWE so soon

This year's edition of WWE's first Big Four of the calendar year, the Royal Rumble, also gave WWE Universe fans huge surprises, with several returns in both the 30-man real fight and the 30-woman real fight, which did not make you feel the absence of the audience in the hall at the ThunderDome in St Petersburg, with this year's edition being the first (and hopefully last) edition, where there has not been an audience since I live to cheer on all the WWE Superstars involved in the two Rumble.

In addition to the victories of Bianca Belair and Edge in their respective Royal Rumble, the WWE has received several positive feedback also thanks to the Superstars who wanted to bring back to the scene once again, after years of absence, such as the return to the ring of Christian, that of Carlito or that of Victoria, all great protagonists, at least for a short time, of the royal fights of the evening.

After taking part in the Rumble, Carlito had then returned to show up also in the rings of Monday Night Raw, with several rumors that had already given the agreement between the athlete and the WWE as already done, only the signature was missing.

Carlito returned at the 2021 Royal Rumble pay-per-view

Apparently, things would not be quite like this, with the agreement between Carlito and the McMahon federation that in addition to not having yet arrived, would be drifting further and further away.

Wanting to give an update on this story, Carlito thought about it in his last interview released to the microphones of Whatta Day with Joe Lowry, to which the former Intercontinental champion wrestler said: "Dude, who knows? For now, I'm open to any kind of idea out there.

Yes, at the moment, I'm on my own. If a great opportunity comes to me to return to WWE - I'm open to getting back on my way. If this offer comes along, I'm willing to hear and see if I can adapt it to my needs in any way.

" Apparently, from Carlito's words he understands that there would be a possible discussion to return to work in WWE, but in the current state of things, Carlito could be a bit more demanding than in the past for what are the rules and characteristics that his deal should have with the McMahon company.

We'll see if sooner or later the two sides reach an agreement to bring the Puerto Rican talent back to the Stamford company's rings or if their paths remain separate.