Tony Khan says WWE is welcome to work with AEW

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Tony Khan says WWE is welcome to work with AEW

In recent weeks there is nothing but talk of the triangle involving AEW, Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. The so-called forbidden door has finally been ripped apart and these partnerships are giving fans great moments, including Kenny Omega's participation in a former TNA PPV and Kenta's shocking debut at Dynamite.

Among the ranks of the next upcoming athletes should also be Okada, a former NJPW champion and considered by many to be one of the best wrestlers in the world. Impossible to think of a partnership with WWE, even if Cody Rhodes said he was very supportive of it.

AEW boss Tony Khan also spoke on the matter and, interviewed recently, said: "Our doors are absolutely open, they are welcome. They just have to come to us and knock. We would open them to you without any kind of problem."

A partnership between AEW and WWE would undoubtedly be historic and would create an unprecedented situation, considering the Stamford-based company has never partnered with rival federations in the past.

Tony Khan on working with WWE

Triple H has been trying to adjust the game in recent years, opening the doors of NXT to federations such as EVOLVE, PROGRESS and ICW, but it has always been an exchange of talents to his advantage.

It is therefore difficult for Vince McMahon to decide to collaborate with Tony Khan unless there is an economic return, but anything can happen. On the other hand, the wrestling industry works more smoothly when there are no barriers, as recently stated by NXT Champion Finn Bálor.

The WWE patron has been repeatedly questioned about the existence of the AEW and how it could change the plans of his company, but he always replied that he did not want to abandon the PG TV rating and become a "Blood and Guts" product, that is rich of blood and violence.

The times of the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression are long gone. Due to numerous sponsors and the politically correct that has now invaded any part of the entertainment, WWE will continue to hold the rating introduced in the summer of 2008 for a long time to come.

It’s not likely that WWE will really take Tony Khan up on his offer. There are a lot of possibilities if you think about the matchups that they could make, but WWE seems focused on taking over the world in their own way. In the meantime, fans are plenty excited to see what AEW can work out with Impact Wrestling, NJPW, and the NWA.