Vickie Guerrero on How She Got Into Pro Wrestling

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Vickie Guerrero on How She Got Into Pro Wrestling

Vickie Guerrero is currently working as an AEW Manager, and she recently spoke about getting into pro-wrestling. Vicky is related to WWE Legend Eddie Guerrero. In the AEW Unrestricted podcast, she stated that it was Eddie who told her to get into the pro-wrestling business.

“Eddie told me to,” Vickie laughingly said. “During that storyline, it was Rey Mysterio and Eddie for the child custody case of Dominik, and so it was going really well between Rey and Eddie. And then when Vince McMahon wanted the family to get involved to make it seem more personal, I thought it wasn’t going to come to fruition, but it did.

Vicky Guerrero on Entering the Pro Wrestling Business

“We started bringing the girls in and me in, and to be able to perform backstage and do different segments with Eddie, Eddie was a perfectionist. He would just beat himself up over the littlest things.

So the pressure was on me to not screw up because I had to go home with him. So that was something that was even twice as hard for me to try and do my best without getting that, well you’ve probably seen it Tony, Guerrero look.

“He really helped me a lot because this is not what I did for a living. I was just a mom taking care of our girls. So he really coached me a lot, how to look in the camera, how to work, how to stand and what to say and how to say it.

He was so great. I wish it would have been more of him being alive longer where I could work with him more, but it’s just weird how life works out. I just had that great moment with him before he passed”. Vickie Guerrero then revealed that Eddie was a perfectionist as she knew him while he was working for WCW.

WCW was where Eddie actually got famous. “I know what you’re talking about because Eddie would have when I worked with him in WCW, some of the most sensational matches ever, and I would go backstage at the end of the night,” Schiavone recalled.

“And if he was still back there, I would make it a point to let him know how great it was, and he will go, ‘Yeah, I don’t know.’ It’s like, ‘Would you stop it? You’re the best performer here!’. And he was like, ‘Well, there was one thing.’ So he was a perfectionist, beyond perfection”.