Former WWE star on Vince McMahon

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Former WWE star on Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is definitely the one who made the most of wrestling history, thanks to the company, now WWE, that Vince created. In recent months there have been many people who have talked about Vince, some glorify him for his behavior and there are many instead, especially among the former wrestlers of the company, who do not appreciate his behavior.

In recent days we have reported the statements of Nick Dinsmore, a wrestler who played in the best way Eugene, a very nice guy with obvious mental and behavioral problems. He worked with WWE from 2004 to 2007 and also in 2009 (not many know it) with the company of Vince McMahon who fired the wrestler after a few days and even left him the following motivation: "We don't sell a fat old Eugene, you're fired."

Ex-WWE Superstars on Vince McMahon being "out of touch"

During the AdFreeShows podcast, former WWE wrestler Chris Hero talked about Vince McMahon stating that the company's chairman is not interested in wrestlers and totally does what he likes.

Here are his words: "I don't think Vince McMahon cares to be in contact with wrestling today. I think he has his own mindset about the product he wants to stage and is doing his best to continually distribute this product.

I remember when the numbers seemed to drop he said 'But do we need to change something? What? 'Was an opinion he asked the closest people but he really seemed out of this world. In the end, I can say that Vince McMahon doesn't care what other people want, he decides and wants one thing and sometimes it becomes a real order towards his wrestlers and even the producers of the Creative Team.

For Vince McMahon, WWE is his 'toy' and he decides what happens to those who work under him. He is the president and decides." Currently, mainly due to the Pandemic, we haven't seen Vince attend the Raw and SmackDown shows in WWE for a long time.

Not just Hero, several other former WWE Superstars have also spoken about Vince McMahon being "out of touch" Matt Hardy, who is currently with AEW, narrated a backstage incident where Vince McMahon himself stated that he may be out of touch.

Eric Young, who was also released last year, explained that the WWE Chairman doesn't know what fans want. Hero, though, said that it's Vince McMahon's "game" and that those working under him have to do what the WWE Chairman wants.