WWE commentator compares Bruno Sammartino to Cesaro

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WWE commentator compares Bruno Sammartino to Cesaro

One of the greatest and most legendary athletes who walked the WWF/E rings, at the dawn of the pro-wrestling world as we know it today, is the great Italian pride, as well as absolute champion of the then WWWF, Bruno Sammartino.

Although the McMahon family company's legendary Hall of Famer has sadly disappeared for nearly 3 years, his longest-running world champion record in WWE history remains intact, with a mind-blowing reign of over 7 years, standing firm in any book.

gold of the Stamford company and will probably stay there forever by now. In the latest episode of After the Bell, a WWE secondary broadcast, hosted by the former NXT wrestler and current reporter and commentator of the company, Corey Graves, Carmella's partner wanted to make a somewhat risky comparison, which he left however the fans of Smackdown's Swiss, Cesaro, are very happy.

WWE SmackDown commentator Corey Graves has compared current WWE star, Cesaro, to WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino.

Cesaro's potential future WWE title opportunities

In one of his latest speeches to the transmission he conducted, Corey Graves in fact addressed the Cesaro speech, saying: "It is my absolute personal opinion that with the right situation around him, Cesaro could reach really high and new levels in his career and could even be seen as the fans saw Bruno Sammartino at one point.

I am sure that on the internet now they will already come up with comments like, 'Corey Graves is comparing Cesaro to Bruno Sammartino' and I am actually doing it, but not at the level of legend, not comparing the Bruno Sammartino Hall of Famer, but the boy which entered pop culture, in the Americana.

But he was still an immigrant who came to seek his fortune in the United States. Bruno's remote history is wonderful, he had to leave Italy because of the Nazis... Bruno will live forever. He came to America and became the biggest pro-wrestling/entertainment sports star.

Bruno wasn't a cover guy. Bruno didn't go looking for interviews. Bruno, from the things I have seen, has never amazed me with his oratory skills. Bruno was simply a 'mate' Bruno was the best wrestler in the world and people knew and respected him for that, treated him with great reverence - this was Bruno.

He was the guy who was champion for years and years because nobody could beat Bruno because nobody was as good as him." With a comparison perhaps a little too risky, Corey Graves thus attempted to break a lance against the great talent of Cesaro, who despite having the favor of fans and colleagues on his side, still fails to emerge in the WWE rings as you would like.