Edge shares details on Christian getting cleared by WWE for the Royal Rumble

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Edge shares details on Christian getting cleared by WWE for the Royal Rumble

Last month the Royal Rumble was held as the first event of 2021, a WWE Pay-Per-View that the whole WWE Universe has been waiting for for a long time and that, like every year, has brought huge and incredible surprises. After several months the Canadian wrestler Edge returned as the first participant and he literally shocked the fans of Vince McMahon's company by winning the Rumble and in the coming weeks, he will reveal to the world who he will want to face for the title at the next edition of Wrestlemania 37.

However, this was not the only surprise return to the Royal Rumble since after years of stop and waiting he returned to the WWE ring none other than Christian. This return surprised not only the WWE Universe but the same insiders with several backstage superstars who didn't know about the return of Captain Charisma and who were left in disbelief.

What's next for Christian in WWE beyond the Royal Rumble?

During a recent interview with colleagues from Sports Illustrated Edge, the recent winner of the Royal Rumble, he spoke about the return of the great friend to the ring.

Here are his statements about it: "Christian was allowed to return about a couple of months ago and I was among the few people who knew. But I didn't know he would be in the Royal Rumble until the Friday before. When I found out we decided to travel together and we looked at each other and we said 'We will be together again' We had this great friendship, we have known each other from sixth grade and no matter what we did separately, the truth is that in the end we are always back together.

What happened at the Royal Rumble was a really significant moment for us." Before his return to the Royal Rumble Christian's last match in a WWE ring took place in 2015. On that occasion, Christian challenged the InterContinental Big E champion and coincidentally has it that even now the Intercontinental Champion is Big E, closing with a match against these could lead to total 'closing the circle'

Edge has also stirred the pot on SmackDown by confronting the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. WWE has already started teasing a possible match between The Rated R Superstar and The Head of the Table. Reigns has demanded to be acknowledged as the main event of WrestleMania, but Edge is making him wait to hear his decision. Right now Edge has to select from three options: McIntyre, Balor and Reigns, and each one of them are equally exciting.