WWE’s ongoing legal battle over a massive concussion lawsuit isn’t over yet

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WWE’s ongoing legal battle over a massive concussion lawsuit isn’t over yet

Over the years, WWE has had to defend itself against the muddiest and important attacks and accusations, with several former athletes who have trodden its rings for years, who have overnight called out the company of Vince McMahon, for helping to worsen (according to them) their life.

Over the last few years, the WWE has had to face many problems, passing through the various investigations that highlighted all the negative aspects that led the Superstars to suffer numerous concussions, or even the constant intake of steroids, which on the long period then led athletes to die the saddest and most unthinkable deaths still at a very young age.

All these problems, for years, have always been linked to the WWE, which has tried to keep itself afloat by creating the Wellness Program, which goes to safeguard the health of its athletes, trying to avoid any type of intake of illegal and harmful substances and also changing different habits in the ring, such as banning sitting on the head that caused serious concussions.

Concussion lawsuit back against WWE

In the last few years, several former WWE wrestlers have come together to face a long legal battle against the McMahon-owned company, according to them having ruined their lives because of the constant blows to the head, which have helped to increase the physical and mental problems that come by themselves already with old age.

In the last hours, Konstantine Kyros is said to have even appealed to the American Supreme Court, going to propose the case against the WWE to the Minnesota Star Tribune, the highest organ of the state of Minnesota, to try to have WWE convicted, opening a case against her for aggravating the conditions of several of the company's legendary athletes.

The following well-known athletes have been following Kyros' requests for years: Road Warrior Animal, Paul Orndorff, Jimmy Snuka, King Kong Bundy, Mr Fuji, Kamala, Chavo Guerrero jr, Ahmed Johnson, Dave and Earl Hebner, Sabu, Barry Darsow, Shane Douglas, Marty Janetty and Heidenrich.

Among the many wrestlers mentioned, many of them are no longer with us, with an untimely death that has in fact torn the wrestlers from this life, not before undergoing numerous surgical operations due to the blows suffered during an entire career by pro-wrestler.

According to all these people, WWE did not safeguard the health of its athletes sufficiently, contributing in a devastating way to the decline of their lives and their health. We will now see if the US Supreme Court will accept the appeal of this umpteenth group of wrestlers or if WWE will quietly continue on its way and will therefore be found innocent.