Major update on Bo Dallas' future after WWE

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Major update on Bo Dallas' future after WWE

Bo Dallas hasn't appeared on WWE screens in over a year. His last appearance on TV dates back to 2019 in Crown Jewel, where he took part in a Tag Team Turmoil together with Curtis Axel, and then published a cryptic tweet in December in which he announced that he was taking a break to turn his life upside down and promising fans.

a big change. Bray Wyatt's brother is currently still under contract with the company, but several inside sources report how the creative team has no plans for him and lately he hasn't even been called to watch the TV tapings backstage.

Many thought he could end up on last year's mega-list of layoffs, where big names like Rusev and Zack Ryder ended up, but it didn't. The latest on his status comes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that Bo Dallas is gearing up for a future away from the world of wrestling.

Apparently he and Liv Morgan jointly manage a farm and have undertaken a real estate business.

Will Bo Dallas return to WWE?

For now, neither WWE nor the person concerned have denied or confirmed the speculations about his future.

In the past it had been rumored several times of an entry into the Wyatt Family first and a change of gimmick then, taking inspiration from the transformation of his brother in The Fiend, but his plans never materialized.

After winning the NXT Championship, Bo Dallas was promoted to the main roster but has never managed to win a single title, apart from the 24/7 Championship, and solidify his status. After a somewhat nebulous period, in which an arrest for harassing drunkenness also got in the way, he managed to recover from general limbo in 2017 by becoming the bodyguard of The Miz together with Curtis Axel, to then form the B-Team and win the Monday Night Raw duo titles.

In any case, many thought that Dallas had all the credentials to become a top player and that he was even better than his brother, as claimed by his father Mike Rotunda aka IRS. Dave Meltzer had previously stated that he is surprised that WWE has not cut Bo Dallas and that he is still under contract.

Dallas has not been used on television ever since he took a sabbatical from the company in late 2019. Bo Dallas was a big attraction during his time in NXT and was considered to be one of the best heel performers in NXT history. Unfortunately for Bray Wyatt's brother, he has failed to taste the same success on the main roster.