What is next for Seth Rollins?

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What is next for Seth Rollins?
What is next for Seth Rollins? (Provided by Wrestling World)

In recent months, one of the storylines that had held the bench first on the rings of Monday Night Raw and then on those of Friday Night Smackdown was certainly the one that featured the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, his former charge, Murphy and the whole Mysterio family, with a beautiful love story that was born right on the WWE TV screens between the former 205 Live athlete and the youngest daughter of the San Diego elf.

Until his departure, Seth Rollins remained engaged in the feud against the Mysterio and then also against his ex-friend Murphy, with the match that took place at Survivor Series which was the last for Rollins, before taking a long break for the birth of his first daughter, Roux.

Eventually, Seth Rollins made his long-awaited return to the WWE rings at the Royal Rumble, with the former Shield Architect not impressing fans with his performance, let alone his return to Smackdown, the last week.

What is next for Seth Rollins?

During last week's Friday Night Smackdown episode, Seth Rollins made his return to the blue show rings, going on a promo about how he continues to be the leader of the Smackdown locker room and how all other athletes should follow.

his worldview, to be saved. After saying these words, the entire roster that was at ringside, including Murphy, who reappeared in front of the cameras after weeks of absence, returned to the WWE backstage, with Cesaro who was the last man standing and who, too, was also physically attacked by Rollins.

Apparently, as reported by the Wrestling Observer site, through the words of the well-known Dave Meltzer, the fact that WWE has not mentioned at all the history between Rollins and Murphy in the last episode of Smackdown and in that of tonight, makes think that WWE has definitively chosen to put this storyline aside, starting a new path for the former Monday Night Messiah.

After the end of this storyline, it seems that at the moment there are no more plans for Murphy nor for his "girlfriend", Aalyah Mysterio, who in fact hasn't appeared in front of the WWE cameras since Rollins and his former charge.

It seems that The Messiah has his sights set on Cesaro. The Swiss Cyborg was the only Superstar who stayed back following Rollins' emphatic speech on his return last week. However, Cesaro did not stay back to join Rollins' cause.

Instead, he told the former Shield member that he hasn't changed, angering The Messiah in the process. Seth Rollins proceeded to attack the Swiss Cyborg last week. The former Universal Champion even addressed his attack on Cesaro during this week's episode of SmackDown and pinned his frustrations on the Swiss Cyborg.

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