Backstage news on WWE plans for 2021 Elimination Chamber

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Backstage news on WWE plans for 2021 Elimination Chamber

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired in the night, WWE wanted to announce a new titled match that will be staged this Sunday, in the next ThunderDome PV, Elimination Chamber, which will now also see the company's tag team champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, go to defend their belts from the onslaught of the Smackdown athletes: Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks.

Apparently, according to various online sources and various sources within the WWE, the situation for this next PPV would be quite critical, given the heavy shortcomings of the roster and given the dozens of plans already changed and upset so far.

There is another match at the appeal, which will most likely have to be changed once again, namely the triple threat with the American title of Raw at stake, given the probable impossibility of Keith Lee to take part in the PPV, given that a couple of weeks ago his girlfriend Mia Yim confirmed that she has the covid and the Raw giant has been absent from the red show ring ever since.

New details on Elimination Chamber

Apparently, the idea of ​​including a title contest valid for the WWE women's couple titles are said to have been a last-second idea, had by the management to try to pull up a card that makes water from all the set-off.

As confirmed by the Fightful website, WWE has decided to replace the titled match valid for the Raw Women's Championship, which initially was to see Lacey Evans face Asuka, but after the announcement of the pregnancy of the former marine, everything has been blown once again.

In order not to lose that "pink quota" that irremediably this announcement would have cost the WWE, the management has thus seen fit to insert a couple of match between women in the last week of the show before Elimination Chamber in the last minute of the PPV card.

Until now, in fact, a heated rivalry had not even been born that could presage a titled match in Smackdown between the two athletes from Raw and the two from the blue show. Indeed, paradoxically, the initial idea of ​​WWE was to have Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defend the duo titles against Lana and Naomi since the four had already had clashes on Monday Night Raw.

Once again, the Stamford company must therefore resort to its "magic cylinder", from which to pull out an almost invented match, which will however entertain fans of the WWE Universe in the same way, given the caliber of the athletes involved.