Major angle involving Aalyah Mysterio dropped by WWE

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Major angle involving Aalyah Mysterio dropped by WWE

In the second part of 2020, one of the characters who most found interest in the WWE Universe is definitely Aalyah Mysterio. Rey's young daughter entered the very long and interesting storyline that involved Rey, Dominik and on the one hand and the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins and his disciple Murphy on the other.

At one point, dramatically reversing the cards on the table, a relationship was shown between Buddy Murphy and the nineteen-year-old daughter of the Mexican-born wrestler: initially, Rey and Dominik opposed this, but as the weeks went by Murphy has betrayed Rollins and joined the Mysterio family ending in a way that definitely favored Babyface.

At some point in the plot, as revealed towards the end of 2020 Wrestling News, it was even thought of making a marriage between Murphy and Aalyah, a segment that WWE has repeatedly repeated over the years, often with a lot of interest with superstars of the caliber, between the others, by Edge, Kane, Theodore Kong, Lana and Bobby Lashley.

When could Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy return?

It's been several weeks now that we haven't seen and heard rumors and news about Aalyah Mysterio and her partner, Buddy Murphy, with both having literally disappeared from WWE screens.

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, well-known colleague Dave Meltzer finally clarified the reason for the absence of Aalyah Mysterio and her partner Buddy Murphy from the WWE screens. There are currently no particular reasons but WWE simply has no plans for either of them.

There are no particular backstories and storylines behind the scenes. Initially, there was talk of a possible storyline between Rey and Dominik Mysterio, Buddy Murphy (and Aalyah Mysterio) against King Corbin, Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler.

The recent release by WWE of the latter, however, has totally changed and partially blocked the plans of the company of Vince McMahon. At the moment it is not excluded, indeed it seems almost probable, that once the storyline with King Corbin is over, Aalyah and Murphy can return to the scene again.

Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy's story became highly popular with viewers and it was surprising that WWE creative were unable to capitalize on it. With WrestleMania season in full force, it can be hoped that both Aalyah and Murphy will soon return to Smackdown.

It is possible that once Rey Mysterio's feud with King Corbin is over, Aalyah Mysterio will re-join him. Who would you like to see Murphy have a program with when he and Aalyah Mysterio return on SmackDown? Tell us below!