Sheamus reveals a regular issue in his WWE routine

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Sheamus reveals a regular issue in his WWE routine
Sheamus reveals a regular issue in his WWE routine (Provided by Wrestling World)

WWE Superstars, many times, have warm-up rituals or preparations for their matches that are truly absurd, with athletes who are obsessed with stretching or others who have to relieve stress before going on stage with video games or with junk food.

In the history of WWE, in fact, several athletes and Hall of Famers have told over the years what are their rituals of preparation for the ring or the preparation of the matches, with characters of the caliber of Randy Orton or Bill Goldberg, who in fact they carry out quite unusual activities for a famous person who is about to go on air in a wrestling ring.

In fact, if the Hall of Famer heads the door of his dressing room to load himself into his entrance into the ring, the Legend Killer, on the other hand, loses hours doing stretching and postural gymnastics, because he is obsessed with injuries and muscle strains.

Many other wrestlers, on the other hand, would have serious problems after their matches, instead of before, such as Sheamus, who revealed in his last interview that he suffers from insomnia after every single match faced in the WWE rings.

In his latest interview with ProSieben MAXX, former WWE champion Sheamus, who is now in a feud with the absolute champion of Monday Night Raw, wanted to tell the problems that afflict him after the matches that the Irishman holds in the WWE rings.

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He said, "After each match, I try to calm down, to let off steam and to relax. But the adrenaline I have in my circulation is too much and the situation becomes really difficult for me.

So most nights after Raw, I can't sleep. I just can't sleep. Sometimes it takes two or even three hours to fall asleep, but I can never sleep well. I'm always too agitated and too excited. This is the hardest thing for me to deal with." Apparently, this would not be a problem that afflicts only Sheamus but many other athletes, who in fact manage to sleep only a few hours a night on the most intense tours and even worse.

The life of the pro-wrestler, in fact, is made up of great sacrifices and small hours, with the wrestlers of the McMahon company, who in fact lead a life that is anything but healthy and enviable for long periods of the year.

Throughout the clip, Sheamus is adamant Drew McIntyre has "forgotten" every one from his past who helped him get to where he is today, citing Scot's new-found celebrity and status as a potential cause. "I was always looking out for him as a brother.

Over the last while he’s forgotten that. He’s forgotten who was taking care of him. He’s forgotten who the people who always looked out for him are. Namely me, he’s forgotten everybody who’s helped and supported him in his life."