John Cena's prediction for current WWE Superstar's future

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John Cena's prediction for current WWE Superstar's future

John Cena is certainly one of the greatest superstars in WWE history and although he is not a full-fledged wrestler by now he is still listened to by both the federation and all WWE Universe fans. There is a superstar on the current Friday Night Smackdown roster that the Boston wrestler has often praised and even now Cena has had big words of praise for Big E.

The two are really very close in real life and the Leader of the Chain Gang. has always been a huge fan of the now-former New Day member. WWE has uploaded a video through its social networks to its new WWE 24 program where it deals precisely with the evolution of Big E within the federation.

John has repeatedly stated that he sees great potential in the wrestler's work and foresees a great future for him.

John Cena always knew that Big E had it in him to make it big in WWE

John Cena said these words during the video: "There really is something more to Big E.

We all know, sooner or later he will do something more in the ring." The two wrestlers have competed often in the past but share a great bond outside WWE, ever since they trained in the same gym. It was Big E in a recent interview who emphasized what he had learned from John Cena stating: "From John Cena, I learned the importance of timing and the particular moment.

There are things that you can let slip and others where you have to seize the moment. You have to own the moment. When you are in front of the crowd you have to do something special so that you don't go unnoticed, you have to do something that makes you important " There are many who think that Big E is one of the most interesting young talents in Vince McMahon's company and everyone, sooner or later, awaits his launch towards the WWE Universal Championship and many were already waiting for him at the gate in a possible clash with the current one.

champion Roman Reigns. It's almost a lock that we will be seeing more of John Cena in the upcoming WWE 24 special. Considering how close John Cena and Big E have been in the past, the former WWE Champion will have a lot to talk about his friend, and fans wouldn't want to miss any of that.

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