The Undertaker's WWE plans for 2021 revealed

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The Undertaker's WWE plans for 2021 revealed

The Undertaker has definitely hung up his boots at the 2020 Survivor Series edition after over thirty years of honored career. One of the very few fighters to remain loyal to Vince McMahon and not decide to join WCW during the boom of the Attitude Era and the Monday Night War.

The Deadman is currently no longer under contract as an active wrestler but continues to collaborate with WWE. Just recently it was announced that he will be the protagonist of a large charity event on behalf of the Make A Wish Foundation, a well-known non-profit organization that helps children with cancer.

The details of the event were provided by Taker to TMZ microphones: "The winner of the Omaze fundraiser will have the honor of spending a day with me at the Performance Center in Orlando. We will sit down and together we will create his personalized entrance, giving him the chance to feel like a true WWE superstar.

But that's not all, because he will stay in a 4-star hotel, meet other wrestlers and receive WWE-branded merchandise as a gift. An unprecedented experience."

The Undertaker is staying connected to WWE in 2021 for a great cause

Unfortunately, this great initiative is aimed exclusively at the American public.

The Undertaker then added: "When you have the opportunity to interact with these children and you know very well what they are facing, it makes you understand the value of life and their smile is everything for me. I don't want to be repetitive, but it really makes you realize how lucky you are to do what you do.

I attended over 40 events organized by Make A Wish, but I would have been happier if I could have done them without staying in gimmick." The Undertaker has now made known the human side of him to everyone, first with the fantastic documentary The Last Ride, then with the various interviews and participation in podcasts in which he has always appeared as Mark Calaway, his real name.

Interviews also quite spicy in which he has beaten the current WWE product, considering it too soft compared to the past, and receiving the disapproval of several stars, including John Cena. “I was not for it when Undertaker’s streak [was] ended by Lesnar.

Not a knock on Brock, just simply I thought that was such a unique calling card. It was so unique and special, all pointing to the biggest event of the year. So Undertaker’s undefeated streak was always in place, it was always something for somebody to shoot for. It became an issue”. Shawn Michaels revealed how he and Undertaker knew they were past their physical prime.