Ken Shamrock claims he originally owned 'The Rock' name

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Ken Shamrock claims he originally owned 'The Rock' name

Before joining WWF in the 1990s, Ken Shamrock had earned a respectable reputation within the UFC octagon. He also used a very peculiar nickname that would later be adopted by Dwayne Johnson at the dawn of his career. It seems unthinkable, but apparently, Shamrock owned the rights to The Rock brand, even before it was used in WWE and made it famous all over the world.

Here is what he recently told the microphones of a podcast: "I'm going to tell you a funny story. Before The Rock even became that, they just called it Rocky. They had to ask for my permission because in UFC I called myself Ken The Rock Shamrock and so every time I fought in a cage match like Lion's Den, they had to have my approval.

It was a registered trademark, it was also on my pants and action figures."

Ken Shamrock on The Rock

Ken Shamrock then added: "I didn't get any money from the name The Rock. Dwayne started using it and went on down this road.

Nobody knew the problem and I never complained. I could have done it, but I didn't care. Rocky and I talked about it once and he didn't know about it either. Eventually, I went ahead and used the nickname The World's Most Dangerous Man."

The former Intercontinental Champion has made a comeback in recent years by impressing fans and insiders with his stint at Impact Wrestling, proving he hasn't missed a single blow. Among other things, his friendship and esteem relationship with The Rock never ran out because the People's Champion decided to introduce him to the former TNA Hall of Fame during Bound For Glory 2020.

A historic moment that very few could have foreseen. The two were the protagonists of a heated rivalry during the Attitude Era and repeatedly The Rock wanted to thank him in several interviews for the moral support and help of him towards him when he was still a rookie in the then WWF.

“So, and me and Rocky, we talked about it one time,” recalled Shamrock. “He didn’t even know. He’s like, ‘Really!?’ I said, ‘Yeah. Don’t worry about it. No big deal.’ It’s like, ‘I’m not gonna do anything for that’ so it’s like, I’m known as The World’s Most Dangerous Man now”.

The Rock and Shamrock had a memorable rivalry in 1998, including several battles for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania XIV and Royal Rumble 1998, and the final of the King of the Ring tournament. The Great One recently inducted Shamrock into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.