Eugene Speaks About HIs OVW Career

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Eugene Speaks About HIs OVW Career

Nick Dinsmore was known as Eugene in WWE and he was a comedy character. He started his professional wrestling career at OVW which is where many popular WWE superstars and legends started their careers. Even though Eugene was mildly successful, thanks to some interesting storylines, he was never a very serious competitor or a main event star.

That being said, he fought some future WWE stars in OVW. He also saw many grow and gain popularity over there. He spoke about this on the Talk is Jericho podcast.

Eugene on His Career at OVW

“Randy was good off the bat, and I think he had just a little bit of training, but of course, he’d been around it his whole life.

He was showing me stuff,” Dinsmore noted. “Brock was good, but he was big. He happened to just transition to more of a pro-wrestling style. Shelton [Benjamin] was spot-on from the minute he came there. He was one of the first ones too.

“Victoria and Cena were both limited because they both came from LA, and I think they only showed them rolls, bumps, some minor moves. So they had a long way to progress. Batista, he kept getting injured down there. I’m not sure, but I think they felt like his job might be in jeopardy because he kept getting injured.

But then he just took off”. Eugene then spoke about Cena. Cena actually thought that he wouldn’t make it big in WWE as he wasn’t as big as his colleagues. Eugene revealed that Cena started getting better after he started relaxing.

“Cena told me before on the first day he walked in OVW and he saw all the guys that were much bigger, he was muscular but they were just a little bit bigger, he didn’t think he was going to make it,” Eugene revealed.

“He said, ‘I’m gonna wash out of here,’ and then for a while, he was rigid in the ring. And finally, we got him to relax and start having fun. Then he’d go out there and play, but then I think when he went to the main roster, he felt he had to be a certain something, and then finally when you relax and just had fun, then it was to the races”.