Chris Jericho and Eugene Vince McMahon Tearing his Quads

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Chris Jericho and Eugene Vince McMahon Tearing his Quads

Eugene joined Chris Jericho on his podcast Talk is Jericho and spoke about Vince McMahon tearing both his quads during the Royal Rumble 2005 PPV. Eugene spoke about his relationship with Vince during the podcast. Eugene apparently met Vince after Vince tore his quads.

Eugene Talks about Vince McMahon Tearing his Quads

”I probably didn’t put my face in front of him enough,” Eugene said. “I would have liked to maybe get a little bit better relationship, but I was there half nervous, showed up on time doing what I’m told.

I had my knee injury, and I was in Birmingham doing therapy. And he was just getting out of surgery, so I just walked to his room, and he’s there. “And he’s got his legs propped up, and he’s half not shaven.

I can tell he’s nervous. I say, ‘I just want to say hi. Make sure you’re okay. And if you need anything, I’m in town, so I can do it for you.’ I wish I would have sat a chair down and just talk his ear off.

He had nowhere to go. I had all these questions in my head. ‘I was eight years old when I saw this. What’s the true story?'” Jericho then revealed that Vince had the hallway cleared before he was taken backstage on a stretcher.

According to Jericho, Vince did not want anybody to see him in that condition. “I’m sure he hated the fact that you saw him in that condition,” Jericho stated. “I remember when he tore his quads, they made us clear the hallways when they took him out on a stretcher.

Vince didn’t want to have anybody see him that way”. Eugene then spoke about his involvement in various storylines. He had a memorable storyline that involved Vince and Shane McMahon. “It was the DX against Vince and Shane feud, and they paint over my head and then they put my head in the toilet,” Eugene recalled.

“They just beat up Eugene and then I was in the ring, and I think it was Vince and Shane against Eugene. They were just going to beat him up, and they were going to beat him, but it was Shawn Michaels that goes, ‘Eugene should win.

You guys were doing all that stuff to him.’ So then at the very end, I just rolled up Vince, one, two, three. Then he was like, ‘Oh my God!’. DX came out right before. They came out and diverted attention, and I got the schoolboy win."