Keith Lee's booking receives pushback from WWE higher-ups

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Keith Lee's booking receives pushback from WWE higher-ups

In recent months, one of the faces who took part in the most interesting storylines on Monday Night Raw several times was former NXT Champion Keith Lee for a short time. After a phenomenal debut in the main roster rings, with a stunning victory over Randy Orton, the now legendary athlete of the federation, it looked like the black athlete from the WWE yellow roster was going to make it to the main roster as well.

Apparently, the ascendant of the former North-American Champion of NXT soon became a descendant, with the massive wrestler being immediately diverted into less important feuds and second-tier storylines, with his departure from the scene.

current, probably because of the covid, which certainly hasn't made things better.

Keith Lee entered the WWE main roster as a former NXT Champion

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the Ringside News site, although Keith Lee enjoys the highest esteem of his colleagues and most of the WWE executives, including that Triple H who wanted him to also win the overall title of NXT along with the north one.

-American before his passage to the main roster rings, Chairman Vince McMahon would not have big plans for him in his future. Although Vince McMahon also greatly appreciates Lee's microphone skills and the incredible technical and aerial maneuvers that the athlete manages to perform with such a mass, according to McMahon, Keith Lee would not be cover material and that is a future great WWE Superstar.

. Although Keith Lee can be considered for great storylines, great matches and great feuds, according to the WWE Chairman, the athlete would not be at the level of the various Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton or Edge.

Keith Lee, among other things, was also one of those athletes who had been sent back to the Performance Center by the Chairman, to help them improve both in the ring and on the microphone, with promos from Lee, which according to Vince were not yet top-class, like the few great champions of the federation.

We will see if in the future the Chairman will change his mind about the Raw fighter or if his future is destined to swing in the mid-carding of the company, as many other colleagues have done for entire careers. Keith Lee was one of the people who Vince McMahon handpicked to go back down for the “big men classes” at the WWE Performance Center.

He obviously believes that Limitless Lee needs a bit more tuning up. The jury is still out when it comes to Elimination Chamber. As we exclusively reported, the card is still a work in progress. They originally had Keith Lee in the United States Title match on the show, but that is now up in the air.

"Keith Lee's status for Elimination Chamber is still up in the air. When asking about this, we were told a few disheartening things. There is a pushback with Lee because his promos "haven't caught fire." Vince McMahon still doesn't get him, hence why he sent him for more training."