WWE moves superstar into SmackDown producer role

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WWE moves superstar into SmackDown producer role

From time to time the WWE moves some of its athletes, still active on the roster, to the role of a backstage producer. This role change recently involved Brian Kendrick, who became the producer of SmackDown. The rumor was launched by RingsideNews, according to which the former star of 205 Live has already started giving advice during the last episode of the blue show.

At the ripe old age of 41, Kendrick is now a true veteran of the business, having wrestled in WWE, Ring of Honor, TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling. An undoubtedly leading figure who will make a great contribution to the company, from behind the scenes.

WWE will sometimes move a Superstar into a backstage role

This is not the first time that Kendrick has found himself mixed up in this SmackDown producer role. He had worked as a trainer from 2014 to 2016, again for WWE, and was then promoted to producer of NXT.

The wrestler is also the main coach of the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, in California: a respectable gym that has also allowed people of the caliber of Ronda Rousey to take their first steps within the discipline and learn the basics.

There are several WWE superstars who, once their contracts are over, decide to stay in the environment and make their contribution as a producer. Lance Storm, David Finlay, Shane Helms, are just some of the big names who have made this transition over the course of their careers.

A commitment that does not even save them from a sudden dismissal, as happened in April last year in a full health emergency. However, this is a rather difficult role because you have to comply with the requests of Vince McMahon, as revealed by the Hall of Famer Arn Anderson.

Not everyone, therefore, decides to try. Even Jon Moxley, soon after joining AEW in 2019, revealed how he would never be able to become a producer for WWE once he thought about retiring. He would rather work at McDonald's and not constantly argue with the creative team of the Stamford Company.

Kendrick was a producer for NXT, but they have moved him up to the blue brand. This is not the first time that Kendrick worked behind the scenes for WWE. He worked from 2014 to 2016 as a trainer as well. Kendrick is a veteran and he also has a lot of experience helping people learn the ropes.

He runs the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy which has been responsible for training many people including Ronda Rousey, Eva Marie, and others.