WWE didn't try as hard to hide Royal Rumble surprises this year

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WWE didn't try as hard to hide Royal Rumble surprises this year

The last year has been really complicated for the world of wrestling and for all its fans with the WWE, the company of Vince McMahon, who had to face several difficulties to realize their shows. WWE has had to deal with shows without an audience, events with the ThunderDome and situations like those of a few weeks ago with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre forced to give up some meetings after the Coronavirus positivity.

This year, Vince McMahon's company also saw an anomalous situation at the Royal Rumble, for the first time held without the presence of the public. Beyond that, it's another situation that hasn't gone unnoticed at WWE Universe.

Over the years the WWE usually tries to keep the surprises that will participate in the Royal Rumble hidden until the end but this year it was not so. Starting from the returning Edge which was announced before the event and which then won the Royal Rumble, there wasn't much that surprised everyone.

Royal Rumble: WWE usually tries to keep a lid on surprises

According to Fightful Select, WWE didn't do a great job preventing attendees who arrived at the event from showing up hours earlier. Just think that wrestlers like Victoria, Torrie Wilson and others were already present on Saturday before the Royal Rumble to rehearse and even according to some rumors they were in the hotel with the other superstars.

The company did not want to exploit the surprise effect also due to the absence of the public and certainly for this reason we have seen a Royal Rumble different from the others. Now there is curiosity if WWE will want to keep this trend or if it will want to exploit the surprise effect again.

This year's Royal Rumble saw the victory, not so surprising for the returning Edge, who, starting as the first participant in the event, beat the great rival and main enemy in recent years, Randy Orton, as the last opponent.

Those surprises like Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and others were around on the Saturday prior to the Royal Rumble for rehearsals. Others were reportedly present at the Superstar hotel where they were able to hang out with Superstars prior to the event.

"At least one more was just simply backstage on Sunday, and nobody really thought anything of it, because WWE has legends around with regularity. We were told this Royal Rumble was much more laid back than in recent years."