Lars Sullivan training for Bare Knuckle fighting

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Lars Sullivan training for Bare Knuckle fighting

Over the past two years, WWE has had to make some very serious decisions about the future of many of its wrestlers, especially those who were "redundant" by the time it is spanning the world, including pro-wrestling discipline, with the covid that closed the live show market a lot.

After the wave of layoffs last April, with which WWE had to do without dozens of wrestlers and hundreds of employees scattered across the US, including office workers, coming to release athletes of the caliber of Zack Ryder, Rusev, Kurt Angle or referee Mike Chioda, once again this year, the WWE has kept wide by going to cut some branches now considered "dry" Among these names, there was also that of Lars Sullivan, monster heel first seen in the NXT rings and then transferred to the WWE main roster, who never managed to get his character off the ground, due to a myriad of problems that have always blocked the push.

Apparently, according to what has recently been revealed by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, by the always ready Dave Meltzer, it would seem that Lars Sullivan's plans for the future away from WWE would be to become a boxer of a federation that fights with open hands and therefore without gloves.

Lars Sullivan’s time in WWE didn’t last very long

In America and around the world, in fact, there are several promotions in which wrestlers fight without having their hands covered, with some of the rules of normal boxing, but which do not provide protections or gloves of any kind on the hands of boxers.

According to the well-known journalist, the former McMahon wrestler has been training for weeks for his arrival in one of these promotions. Although Sullivan is a bit "old" to start a career in the boxing world at 32, apparently the dream of the massive former wrestler would be just that, with Lars who in recent days has literally clogged up his Instagram wall, posting videos in continuation of his workouts in the gym.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sullivan is training to work for a Bare Knuckle fighting promotion. Right now, at 32-years-old, he’s a bit old to start this new career, but he is a 330-pound man with a ton of power.

This could be interesting. "The story is that he has no illusions about his age being a factor and just starting out, but is planning on competing in that sport." Lars Sullivan’s time in WWE didn’t work out, but he might have a promising future in another form of fighting. Hopefully, Sullivan doesn’t experience the same issues he did which became such a problem as a WWE Superstar.