WWE Hall of Famer says fans aren't tuning in to see Bad Bunny

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WWE Hall of Famer says fans aren't tuning in to see Bad Bunny

In recent weeks, a new character who has absolutely nothing to do with pro-wrestling, being a rapper and not a wrestler, has made his debut on WWE televisions, first appearing in the Royal Rumble and then even becoming WWE 24/7 Champion on Monday Night Raw, defeating former titleholder Akira Tozawa only thanks to the intervention of Damian Priest.

Apparently, Bad Bunny, in addition to being a great rapper who became very famous on American television screens, would also be a huge fan of the pro-wrestling discipline, with the singer who in fact is said to be wanting to fight a real match in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, which among other things would already be thinking about it for the next edition of the Showcase of the Immortals.

At Wrestlemania 37, in fact, the WWE management could propose the first couple match in which rapper Bad Bunny will appear for the first time in the history of the company in the dispute, with his friend and partner by now consolidated, Damian Priest, obviously by his side.

Bad Bunny is sticking around WWE until WrestleMania

Apparently, though, there would be some insiders who wouldn't be happy with the rapper's continued appearances live on Raw, with one of the first making his voice heard against his former company, which is none other than the Hall.

of Famer Arn Anderson, who now works in the AEW rings. In his latest speech released to the microphones of his ARN Podcast, the former component of the legendary Four Horsemen, in fact, stated that: "I don't know anything about this Bad Bunny.

If they're not real big fans, what are they doing on our show? Wrestling fans are dedicated to wrestling shows and wrestlers. I'm not here to see Hollywood stars or anything of that nature. It's an aggravation towards them, because they don't know who it is, if I watch a show that I should know and then there are these people who perform in performances that I don't know, then I start criticizing everything.

Wrestling fans get pissed off because it's wasted time according to them. The celebrities that we have had over the years had nothing to do with wrestling and you can see the result they have brought with the fans. The fact is, there is a place, which is called the rest of the world and not America, where if you are a big star, there is a chance that you can be there."

Apparently, the AEW manager would therefore be absolutely against the use of Hollywood stars or third parties who are not part of the world of wrestling, within WWE shows or the world of discipline in general. Thought that is also shared by many other fans or insiders.