Steve Cutler drops cryptic tweets after WWE release

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Steve Cutler drops cryptic tweets after WWE release

There was no peace for the Forgotten Sons during their time on the main roster. First Jason Ryker's controversial tweet in support of Donald Trump, then Steve Cutler's shock firing, which took place in early February.

The wrestler contracted the virus while he was celebrating at a year-end party, organized by Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green, which was also attended by several NXT stars. A difficult situation to manage that has sent Vince McMahon into a rage, deciding to end his contract without remorse.

Steve Cutler had not yet publicly exposed himself on the incident, but these days he has broken the silence by posting cryptic tweets. In the first image, we see him sitting in prison with the caption: "One day at a time."

In the second message, however, he reported the following words: "If you have to look inside, you have to do it in the mirror and admit who you really are. Not just to yourself, but to everyone around you."

Steve Cutler was released from WWE

We will see if Steve Cutler decides to join AEW or other federations.

At the moment he has to respect the classic 90-day non-competition clause before putting his experience at Stamford behind him for good. The cryptic post with the image of the prison could be a not too veiled reference to this current condition.

A similar situation happened with Jon Moxley in 2019 who, immediately after leaving WWE, started posting cryptic videos on Twitter referring to his prison condition, before debuting Double or Nothing, the first All Elite Wrestling PPV, and thus began his adventure at Tony Khan's court.

Other stars like Rusev and the late Brodie Lee, to name a few, have also had to wait for the non-competition clause to expire to start a new career. We remind you how Cutler and Wesley Blake had become the main allies of Baron Corbin in SmackDown, taking the name of "The Knights of the Lone Wolf"

The team was obviously dissolved after the firing of the former and even the Forgotten Sons are now only a distant memory. Cutler had seven years with WWE, and he could be a valuable addition to any roster in the pro wrestling world.

We will have to see what he does next, but right now he’s still getting paid to sit at home. We’ll have to see if Steve Cutler ends up elsewhere when his WWE non-compete clause is up. WWE is taking every precaution to ensure that they keep their talent and staff safe during this time.

As of this writing, Steve Cutler’s WWE release is the first to take place reportedly due to testing positive for COVID-19.