Paige still hopeful for WWE in-ring return

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Paige still hopeful for WWE in-ring return

The world of wrestling is unpredictable and in the course of history, we have repeatedly reviewed superstars who had suffered injuries such as to be credited with retiring from the ring and who instead returned to fight. The most striking case is that of the Rated-R Superstar Edge, who everyone had retired but who instead last year surprisingly made his sensational re-entry into the world of wrestling.

Also this year at the Royal Rumble we saw the sensational return of Christian, a wrestler who had not competed for years and who this year, after the authorization of the WWE doctors, returned to the professional wrestling ring.

During the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown we saw a segment involving Edge and Daniel Bryan, two of the greatest legends of recent WWE wrestling. In the segment, Daniel Bryan said that Edge should pick him in the event that he wins the Wrestlemania 37 match at Elimination Chamber and then beats for the title of Universal Champion WWE Roman Reigns.

WWE has published this segment on social media titling a photo of the segment and titled 'Retirement' Former WWE superstar Paige also commented on this segment on social media and responded by writing 'One day' with an emoji where she crosses her fingers.

Paige was forced to retire after a severe back problem in the 2017 match against Sasha Banks.

Latest update on Paige's status

At the moment it seems complicated that the wrestler can really return to the ring, but as we said in WWE anything is possible.

Throughout her career and even outside of WWE Paige has always been involved in difficult situations and real scandals that have nothing to do with pro wrestling and WWE and has had numerous difficulties both due to continuous physical problems and due to the problems outside the ring but, to be honest, the girl has always shown that she never wants to give up and dreams of one day her return to the ring.

Paige saw the tweet and decided to reply to it, where she said said ‘one day’ with a fingers crossed emoji, revealing that Paige is hopeful about possibly returning to the squared circle. Paige had to retire after she was kicked from the back by Sasha Banks during a 2017 WWE MSG Show.

We will have to see if she will ever make an in-ring return. This referred to the fact that both Superstars returned from career-ending injuries and are once again active competitors.