Cesaro says he was overlooked because WWE takes him for granted

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Cesaro says he was overlooked because WWE takes him for granted

For ten years now, WWE superstar Cesaro has been in the company of Vince McMahon, he has always had reliable and important roles in the role of WWE Mid-card and Tag Team. Fans of Vince McMahon's company have always appreciated the wrestler's qualities in the ring, which has become increasingly popular and for a long time, the WWE Universe seemed to require a titled chance for the Swiss-born wrestler.

Unfortunately, however, it never went this way for him. In the course of an interview with NYPost microphones, Cesaro talked about what kept him in WWE despite everything and the former US champion explained that his goal is to try to make the most of everything that is offered to him.

. The wrestler just wants to work hard and keep going for the good of the company.

Cesaro remains one of the best in-ring performers in all of WWE

The Swiss Cyborg has made interesting statements about why WWE hasn't fully bet on him.

Here are Cesaro's words: "Regarding this choice, I think there were really several variables. I think that when you find something that is always there and is always reliable, well, in a way you start to neglect it and you believe that everything is allowed to you.

I always try to take advantage of the moments of momentum and do the best with what is given to me and I believe this is the most important thing. My motto is' Keep working hard and get the best every time you have a certain opportunity.

Look at wrestlers like Edge, like Bret Hart and I know that so I can, sooner or later, have my big break in WWE." Cesaro named these two legends of the company for this specific reason and stated: "If you look back, it took a really long time for WWE to realize the value of Edge and Bret Hart and the possibility that they could fight for the title.

Some managed to get it right away but Edge and Bret Hart, I think of them, had their first chance with WWE in about 10 years. I hope to emulate legends of their caliber." Cesaro awaits his first chance and on Sunday he will have this chance at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View where in case of victory he will be able to challenge the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

There are many who give Cesaro as the main favorite for the victory of this meeting. Cesaro will be participating in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. Should Cesaro win, he will become the #1 Contender for Roman Reigns’ Universal Title.