Latest news on Otis' turn heel

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Latest news on Otis' turn heel

Otis has regained some space in SmackDown after very complicated months. In his approach to the match against Rey Mysterio & Dominik, faced in the blue show alongside Chad Gable, however, he seemed to present himself in the ring in completely new clothes: those of the villain.

But is it really the fate of a turn heel that WWE has decided for him? Not everyone in America is convinced... This is clearly understood by the words of Sean Rueter, who on 'Cageside Seats' raised the doubt that this is a bigger project, which allows Otis to regain that fan love that has disappeared over the months.

"SmackDown on February 19th gave us something that many of us would never have thought of seeing: an Otis Dozovic heel. Or yes? One clue was the disqualification defeat, which came because his Alpha Academy coach, Chad Gable, was giving him some instructions on how to give a sonorous lesson to a beloved wrestling hero.

To follow, the splash trimmed to a match now concluded to Rey Mysterio was another clue. But while these are definitely not the actions of a nice guy, I'm not sure we should say Dozer has quit the good guy's shoes for now.

The boy, in fact, seems quite confused in this post-show interview."

Update on Otis' WWE status

Reuter then continued his analysis: "Here we have a man who lost a guaranteed title match to an aspiring movie star when his best friend turned on him.

Just this week, he had to watch her (ex?) special friend celebrating on another TV show with a top-ranking musician. She hasn't won a title in her WWE career yet, and now a former Olympian has crept into her head, promising glory in exchange for something he already loves: training.

Otis has always been a simple man. Steaks. weights, beer, take away food packs. And the occasional Peach. That's all. If he can get those things AND some glory TOGETHER by following the methods of Gable's Alpha Academy, that doesn't make him a bad boy.

Plus, if I'm right, recent training partner Daniel Bryan can go back to their story. Would anyone point anything to a feud between Bryan and Gable over who should lead Otis to the promised land? So, don't put the heel tag on Dozer right away.

He's just getting some bad advice, and he's definitely not the sharpest character in the locker room to figure it out." Otis didn’t win the 2021 Royal Rumble match, but at least he was included. Others, like Angel Garza, were pulled from the match.

The Heavy Machinery member was once looked at as a breakout babyface, but now he’s apparently lucky to be included as a throwaway entry in the company’s big annual over-the-top rope match.