Sasha Banks reveals who gave her WWE ring name

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Sasha Banks reveals who gave her WWE ring name

Sasha Banks is undoubtedly one of the top athletes of the federation. And with her and her exploits, the WWE was also able to focus on the renewal of a female category that had long needed a radical change, allowing all the girls on the roster to take part.

to a much higher quality product. Sasha is the current SmackDown women's champion and she is having one of the best moments of her career, but before this moment there was no shortage of her struggles and she once even went so far as to ask Vince McMahon to leave the company.

In fact, WWE has released a clip via her YouTube channel, in which we find the same wrestler who explains this anecdote during the Broken Skull Session with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Here is an excerpt of her words: "One of the hardest things I had to do was ask Vince McMahon to leave WWE and he promptly said no.

He even told me to think about it first for thirty days, and it took me well over thirty."

Sasha Banks' mother was not a fan of her WWE ring name

As also written at the beginning of the article, Sasha Banks has often gone through complicated moments in WWE, coming many times close to release.

However, she has always come back stronger than before, also achieving important victories that have often added titles to her personal trophy collection. The full episode of "Broken Skull" will be broadcast immediately after the airing of Elimination Chamber, PPV in which the champion will face Bianca Belair the duo formed by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the women's couple titles, as announced in the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

If the two sides win, the Boss will become a double champion for the second time in her titled career. On the latest Broken Skull Sessions, Sasha Banks was asked by Stone Cold Steve Austin how she got her WWE ring name. The SmackDown Women's Champion revealed who in WWE gave her the ring name.

"I remember my first week, they're like, 'give us a list of names.' And I just remember putting "Sasha" with a different last name and "Banks" with a different first name. And then I had a match the week after that and Sara Del Rey came into the locker room and like, 'You're Sasha Banks.'

I'm like, 'you know what? I love that. That sounds like money. It sounds like gold.' "