*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre lost his WWE title at Elimination Chamber

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*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre lost his WWE title at Elimination Chamber

A resounding twist came at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021. The PPV with the two six-handed matches that offered the WWE Championship and the role of first challenger at the WWE Universal Championship ended in a way that few could have foreseen.

And in fact, one of the two absolute champion belts on the Stamford main roster went to a Superstar who did not participate in any of the matches in question. This is The Miz, who not only decided to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase but did so successfully, snatching the title from that Drew McIntyre who had just managed to escape unscathed from Raw's Elimination Chamber, who represented the main event of the PPV.

Drew McIntyre, moreover, had made himself the protagonist of a small, large undertaking, given that even if he did not play the entire match (started by Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton) he was in fact the first fighter to get out of one of the cages side of the structure, and therefore the third participant in the Elimination Chamber Match in question.

The Miz was also able to take advantage of another important help to return to WWE Champion ten years after the last time (he lost it at Extreme Rules 2011, on May 1st of that year).

Drew McIntyre lost his WWE title

Drew McIntyre, in addition to the fatigue for the long battle of the Elimination Chamber, has in fact also suffered the unexpected attack of Bobby Lashley at the end of the match, unable to resist in any way the assault of the most accredited member of the Hurt Business.

Only at that point did he actually show up on The Miz stage, taking advantage of Drew McIntyre's now disastrous conditions to win the second WWE Champion title of his career. The Miz, with its collection, however, interrupts a "curse" that for several years now characterized the briefcase of Mister Money in the Bank.

The last "traditional" collection dates back to almost five years ago, when Dean Ambrose graduated WWE Champion by cashing his contract on the same night he had won the briefcase at Money in the Bank 2016 (on the occasion he snatched the title from Seth Rollins, who had just won it against Roman Reigns).

Since then all the briefcases have had more or less unfortunate stories: Baron Corbin conquered it in 2017 but failed to collect it against Jinder Mahal, Braun Strowman won it in 2018 except to see the match of his collection ending in No Contest a Hell in a Cell, while the 2019 briefcase was cashed by Brock Lesnar against Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules 2019, but in what many insiders defined as a real forcing by the WWE.

And this year, after decidedly complex events (starting from the passage from Otis to The Miz, up to the first collection of the latter, subsequently canceled), the Money in the Bank case returns to graduate a new champion. What his path to WrestleMania can now be we can only find out on Raw.