Paul Heyman takes a shot at WWE Raw while hyping Roman Reigns

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Paul Heyman takes a shot at WWE Raw while hyping Roman Reigns

One of the most important historical characters of the WWE in recent years is surely Mad Genius Paul Heyman. We first met Paul as Manager of Brock Lesnar, the company's The Beast Incarnate and true destroyer that we have admired over the years.

Now Lesnar is Free Agent and Paul Heyman has become an advisor to Roman Reigns, WWE Universal Champion and Tribal Chief of Vince McMahon's company and arguably the main wrestler, along with Drew McIntyre, of the entire main roster.

In a recent interview, Paul Heyman tried to clarify how important the Big Dog is to WWE, speaking of him as the most influential person backstage. Even Paul Heyman made fun of the roster to that of Roman Reigns, mocking the Raw roster.

Paul Heyman on Roman Reigns

Here are the words of Paul Heyman: "Roman Reigns will defend the title of champion. Why? Because he's WWE, there's no WWE without Roman Reigns, there's no Talking Smack without Roman Reigns, and there's no Monday Night Raw.

Indeed Raw should not be there a priori, have you seen it recently? Forget it. There is no Raw and there is no NXT because there is no Roman Reigns, we all exist thanks to him." It should be remembered that last year Paul Heyman was fired from the role of executive director of Raw and everyone has noticed these harsh words towards the red show (obviously all fruit of the storyline that they want Roman Reigns as the head and Tribal Chief of the entire WWE).

Since his return to WWE Roman Reigns has played an increasingly important role and is the undisputed ruler at SmackDown where he recently had a long feud against Kevin Owens and previously with Jey Uso, who later became his adept.

At Elimination Chamber Roman Reigns will challenge (on the same night) the winner of the challenge between six superstars who will decide the challenger for the title. Roman Reigns recently had an extended feud with Kevin Owens, and he attacked Edge on SmackDown this week to make a strong statement.

At the upcoming pay-per-view, six SmackDown Superstars, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, King Corbin, Jey Uso, and Sami Zayn, will compete in the Elimination Chamber match. The winner will face Roman Reigns for the Universal Title on the same night.

In addition to that, Edge previously stated that he would reserve the decision regarding his WrestleMania opponent until Elimination Chamber. Following his recent altercations with Roman Reigns, The Rated-R Superstar is expected to challenge the Universal Champion and lay the groundwork for a 'Spear vs. Spear' match at The Grandest Stage Of Them All.