Jey Uso shows new tattoo before WWE Elimination Chamber

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Jey Uso shows new tattoo before WWE Elimination Chamber

The careers and lives of WWE fighters are always full of excitement, travel and news, as only life on the road, day after day, can guarantee, including the stress of almost never being at home. Every week, thanks to the social networks and the desire of the WWE Superstars to stay in touch with their fans even away from the rings of the McMahon company, we learn about some oddity or news about our favorites, such as a new tattoo, a new look staged for some special event or even the incredible menus that WWE athletes have to eat, having to gulp down thousands of calories a day to keep up with the workouts.

The latest news at WWE came just before Elimination Chamber when Jey Uso wanted to share with all his fans the latest work he was granted, that is a stunning new tattoo, which he went to take part on his already "busy" Samoan arm.

Shortly before going on stage in his match inside the infernal cage at Elimination Chamber, the younger cousin of Roman Reigns, who has been part of the storyline of the Tribal Chief for several months now, so much so that he has also entered the stable with the Universal champion and Paul Heyman, wanted to make his new tattoo known to fans, with several testimonies both in photos and videos.

WWE Elimination Chamber was a big night for Jey Uso

In the arm in which he's already sporting a Maori-style tattoo, which is typical of Jey Uso and Roman's countries of origin, the Samoa Islands, Jimmy's brother also wanted to insert the writing "Samoa", dedicated to his descendants, which is respected in the Smackdown ring by the Tribal Chief.

Even the rest of the tattoo that was already present on the athlete's arm apparently would have been modified with a more intriguing and studied texture, which at the moment still looks nice and shiny. You can see for yourself the results of hours and hours in the tattoo artist's studio and also the before and after photos, below.

The nature of Jey Uso’s issue was not reported. We have no way of telling due to medical privacy laws. He was last seen in a losing effort to Shinsuke Nakamura on SmackDown. Hopefully, Jey Uso will be able to return very soon.

He wasn’t the only SmackDown Superstar who was absent from last week’s show. Robert Roode, Steve Cutler, and Wesley Blake were also not on television.