Cesaro reacts to his performance at WWE Elimination Chamber

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Cesaro reacts to his performance at WWE Elimination Chamber

Cesaro has once again proved that he is one of the best fighters currently in WWE but, as has been happening for years now, he never manages to position himself in the main event area and take the final step. The Swiss wrestler was the protagonist of an incredible performance inside the Elimination Chamber of SmackDown, staying there for 32 minutes and 50 seconds.

Unfortunately, his dreams of glory were interrupted by Jey Uso, who pinned him after a Superkick and a Frog Splash. The victory in the match subsequently went to Daniel Bryan, but the former champion was suddenly defeated by Roman Reigns.

In any case, the deeds of the "Swiss Cyborg" did not go unnoticed and were unanimously praised on social media. Cesaro then decided to post the following touching message on Twitter: "I've been driving for an hour in total silence.

I don't know what to say. I was so close. Thanks to everyone who believed in us and still do. I always appreciate it and thank you."

What's next for Cesaro after Elimination Chamber?

Just recently it was announced how Cesaro had decided to renew his contract with the WWE and that is why many were expecting a consistent push from him.

Unfortunately, this was not the case and who knows how long we will have to wait to see the Swiss with a world title around his life. It's not just the fans who believe he has what it takes to be a champion. Corey Graves also wanted to openly praise him, stating how Cesaro can become, with the right job, the new Bruno Sammartino, retracing the classic story of the European immigrant who managed to make his fortune in the United States after years of blood and sweat.

Cesaro had also become the protagonist of a very h*t promo, without a script, during Talking Smack, where he had launched a heavy jab at the WWE. We will see what the plans are for him in view of the 37th edition of WrestleMania, which again this year will be divided into two nights and could finally readmit the public inside the stadium.

Cesaro has a lot of goodwill with the WWE fans and is still in a prominent position on SmackDown, following Elimination Chamber. He remains optimistic that his time will come. Cesaro has all the tools to become a bonafide main-eventer in WWE.

WWE has already teased Cesaro's next feud, which will likely be against the returning Seth Rollins. Two SmackDown episodes ago, after nobody wanted to "embrace the vision", Rollins attacked the Swiss Superman from behind. Now, with Elimination Chamber out of the way, Cesaro could get his retribution on the four-time WWE World Champion.