Former WWE superstar takes shot at Drew McIntyre

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Former WWE superstar takes shot at Drew McIntyre

Tonight was held the 2021 edition of the WWE Pay per View of Elimination Chamber, an event that was supposed to represent a 'watershed' in view of Wrestlemania 37 and which instead brought sensational as well as unexpected surprises.

In the battle for the WWE Championship (initially at six), there were three left to play the titled chances with Drew McIntyre who played his chances against ex-friend Sheamus and AJ Styles. The latter eliminated the Celtic Warrior and remained to fight for the title together with the WWE Champion.

After a great test and a fierce battle in the end it was The Scottish Psychopath to confirm itself as champion with a tremendous effort and thus conquering the title. At this point came the twist that no one expected: Bobby Lashley hit Drew McIntyre with a Spear and knocked him out by destroying him on the barriers, he 'helped' The Miz who cashed in the briefcase and after a long wait he returned WWE Champion.

Stu Bennett and Drew McIntyre are incredibly close in real life

Former Nexus leader Stu Bennett and on paper a great friend of Drew McIntyre surprisingly commented on the Monday Night Raw title change almost making fun of his (ex?) Friend.

Through social media, Stu Bennett posted a message where he praised The Miz and made fun of Drew McIntyre saying: "Finally we have a champion that respects himself." In real life, Drew McIntyre and Stu Bennett are very close and close friends, but several times recently the former wrestler has provoked the now former champion.

In this regard, he recently stated, "We were hired by WWE around the same time and we're still very good friends today. I congratulated him when he won the title at Wrestlemania 36 against The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar and at the same time he knows that if I fought again, I would take him.

kicked in the butt. It's a simple thing, he knows it and everyone knows it." The two are just friends but no one knows if these words from Stu are part of an alleged storyline or not. Stu Bennett and Drew McIntyre go way back and are close friends in real life.

The two have taken friendly shots at each other in the past. Last year, Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar to win his very first WWE title, and Bennett had major praise for him. He couldn't help himself though and ended up taking a cheeky jibe at McIntyre in the end.

Drew McIntyre isn't one to hold back, and fans can expect him to hit back at Stu Bennett's comment soon. As for the WWE title, McIntyre will be looking to exact revenge on Bobby Lashley, and then focus on taking back the WWE title from The Miz.