Why WWE had to replace Keith Lee at Elimination Chamber

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Why WWE had to replace Keith Lee at Elimination Chamber

Among the many surprises staged at Elimination Chamber, on the night that closed a few hours ago, there was a last-minute change that allowed John Morrison to take part in a triple threat match valid for the United States Raw's Championship, which ended with the victory of Riddle, his first major single victory since he landed in WWE.

Initially, the third contender in the match titled for the secondary belt of the red show, was in fact Keith Lee, the former absolute champion of NXT, who was however ousted for an unspecified injury. However, more than a few sources have hypothesized it could be because of him still being affected by covid, like his fiance, Mia Yim, who has also been absent from Raw television screens for some time.

Keith Lee's absence in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view

Many of the fans of the WWE Universe and the experts, both before and during Elimination Chamber, have in fact wondered why the WWE wanted to insert a third contender in the title match of Raw, with the name of Morrison who technically it had nothing to do with the storyline of the American title and therefore had to win a qualifying match in the kick-off of the evening.

To give a possible explanation to WWE's desire to necessarily fill the void left by Keith Lee, Dave Meltzer thought about it as usual, through the microphones of one of the latest updates of the Wrestling Observer, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: "Now you know why they didn't pursue the fight as a single match and why they really wanted Keith Lee's absence to be filled, as it wouldn't work in a simple single match for what they wanted to stage.

They tried to stage other plans, but in the end, they had to go for John Morrison, which is why they did it, it needed Morrison or someone else in the match. Anyone in that role would have been fine, but they still needed that someone."

Basically, according to Meltzer, John Morrison went to fill the void WWE needed to push Lashley to McIntyre later in the evening, so someone had to suffer the decisive pin during Raw's secondary titled match and to remain believable this Superstar couldn't absolutely be Raw's All Mighty.

Once again, John Morrison was decisive for a Raw storyline, despite him. It’s possible that Keith Lee was going to win the United States Title if he was in the match, but it went to Riddle. WWE needed to get the title off of Bobby Lashley to set him up for bigger things and not have him lose in the process.

Bobby Lashley later commented on his actions against Drew McIntyre by simply saying “business”. It was all about green and likely a future title opportunity for the CEO of the Hurt Business.