*Spoiler* Randy Orton coughs up black liquid

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton coughs up black liquid

One of the most interesting feuds that WWE is carrying on although one of the two contenders has been out of the scene for several weeks now and that is from that scary Firefly Inferno TLC match of last year, is that between Randy Orton and The Fiend, with the two who continue to tease each other every week on Monday Night Raw, with the beautiful Alexa Bliss carrying on the feud over her mentor, who has not yet returned from the land of the dead, where Orton sent him on fire, in their latest fight took place in WWE's ThunderDome.

Apparently, this feud between the Legend Killer and the evil alter ego of Bray Wyatt, not only would still be far from over, but it would even be one of the cartel matches planned for the 37th edition of Wrestlemania, which will go on stage in less than two months, with Orton and Wyatt, (who despite not appearing on WWE televisions for months), should still compete at the Showcase of the Immortals, in one of the most anticipated contests in the entire WWE Universe.

What to expect next in the Randy Orton-Alexa Bliss angle?

In a segment that The Viper was carrying out backstage on tonight's Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton wanted to do a promo once again on his opponent The Fiend, going to establish for the umpteenth time as Wyatt's alter ego.

is now dead and is only part of the past. During this segment, however, Orton had several coughs, which initially seemed to have calmed down. After staging a small clip of what had happened the week before with Alexa Bliss, who had become the protagonist of a real séance to bring the Fiend back to life, the unthinkable happened to Orton.

As he tried to speak again, the Legend Killer began to spit black liquid from his mouth, in a mixed situation between the surreal and the scary, with the fighter who quickly ran away from the backstage, seeking shelter elsewhere.

Once again, despite not having an appearance, the Fiend has made its presence felt very strongly, with frightening powers that attack its future opponent even from a distance, in one of the most interesting feuds that the WWE is.

bringing on stage for months now. Randy Orton burned "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in the middle of the ring at WWE TLC 2020 during the Firefly Inferno match. Since then, Alexa Bliss has taken over the baton from The Fiend to play mind games with Orton.

For weeks now, Alexa Bliss has teased that The Fiend might return soon. Last week's RAW saw Alexa Bliss in a backstage segment where she was sitting in the middle of a pentagram, trying to resurrect The Fiend through dark magic. All signs are pointing towards a return of the demonic alter-ego of Bray Wyatt - the only question is, when?