*Spoiler* New details on Retribution's WWE future

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*Spoiler* New details on Retribution's WWE future

In recent months, in the mid-carding of Monday Night Raw, one of the stables that often dominated the evening was the Retribution, a stable formed by five former NXT athletes and led by Mustafa Ali, who initially went to attack anyone found in his path, to express all his frustration with the WWE leadership, for not having faith in their means.

After a crackling start to the stable, the Retribution guys have fallen into a stalemate, with a stalemate that has arisen from their storyline, with the absence of Mia Yim, who in recent weeks has turned off the limelight on Raw's masquerade team.

In the episode that aired on Friday night, after several weeks of absence, due to her positivity found at Covid, Mia Yim, who now goes by the name Reckoning within the Retribution, made her long-awaited return to the Raw rings, after having been declared negative and having recovered from all symptoms of the disease of the century.

Backstage news on Retribution

After yet another match lost against New Day, with Mace and T-Bar having in fact had to pay a pledge once again against the couple formed by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, their leader Mustafa Ali, was furious as usual, going to scream in the center of the ring against all the components of Raw's chaos stable.

With each defeat, it always seems that the exaggerated reaction of the stable leader is more and more irrepressible, with a possible future scenario that could even be that of the split, given that the clues lead to a future break in these conditions and above all given the idea of ​​the WWE Chairman who is no longer inclined to run stable of any kind on their weekly shows.

At the moment, according to what was reported by several reliable sources of web wrestling, the idea of ​​WWE could be to separate the talents of the Retribution, giving a small push to someone in single; while other sources also report the possibility that WWE uses these segments to recompact the stable, changing some key points and thus modifying the stable, to send it forward anyway.

We will see in the coming weeks how the situation of the Retribution will evolve, in view of the most anticipated show of the year, which always remains Wrestlemania. WWE had a lot to cover this week when it came to focusing on the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

They have a ton to confirm for the card. Retribution is currently not booked for the event, so they weren’t needed on RAW this time around.