Bobby Lashley in line for huge WrestleMania match

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Bobby Lashley in line for huge WrestleMania match

In the last PPV broadcast by WWE a little over 24 hours ago, Bobby Lashley attacked ex WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in a subtle and very hard way, also costing the belt to the Scottish Raw, who had just managed to come out healthy and saved from a very tough Elimination Chamber match.

After overcoming five very difficult opponents inside the infernal cage, McIntyre first suffered the overwhelming attack of the former Raw United States champion and then also saw the assault of The Miz, who had promised his collection of the briefcase on the eve of the PPV, also de facto ejecting himself from the match in the cage.

After more than 10 years from his first and only victory of the WWE Championship, The Miz thus returns to reign unchallenged in the federation's rings, with Drew McIntyre and several other possible opponents who are however already ready to attack the Awesome One.

Apparently, according to what was reported by various online sources, including the well-known site Wrestle Votes, the reign of The Miz should not last long, with the host of the Miz TV who should in fact go soon to give up his belt, since he does not it would be included by WWE in the titled plans for WrestleMania.

Update on Bobby Lashley

Instead of him, however, would be the author of the post-Chamber beating against Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley. As reported by the well-known overseas site, in fact: "It's that time of year - a LOT of misinformation with/via our sources, about what's going to happen at WrestleMania.

Anyway, one thing seems safe at the moment: WWE Title match - The Miz is not expected to be involved. For now, however, Bobby Lashley is." Apparently, the former US WWE champion is said to have done the dirty work for The Miz, for a future personal account, as most likely the Hurt member Business will enter by force in the titled round of Monday Night Raw and will therefore be one of the possible challengers of the champion at Wrestlemania.

If The Miz were to really lose the title soon, a clash of the titans in the Showcase of the Immortals, between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, is already shaping up, which fans would not mind at all. Lashley then looked at the entranceway and The Miz's music hit.

The Miz came out with the Money In The Bank briefcase in his hand, and cashed in the contract on McIntyre. In a matter of seconds, The Miz defeated McIntyre to win his second WWE title. Bobby Lashley later posted a tweet, reacting to his dastardly attack on McIntyre.

He will have a lot more to say on tonight's edition of WWE RAW. Drew McIntyre will be seething with anger and frustration over what happened at Elimination Chamber, and would want nothing but to exact revenge on Bobby Lashley as soon as he can.