The Miz creates a unique WWE record at Elimination Chamber 2021

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The Miz creates a unique WWE record at Elimination Chamber 2021

The Elimination Chamber edition that took place tonight is likely to leave heavy aftermath in WWE. As we have already reiterated previously on Monday Night Raw there is a new WWE Champion: at the end of the WWE Pay Per View Main Event there was a sensational and quite unexpected intervention by Bobby Lashley who attacked WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and thus favored the collection of the briefcase by Mr.

Money in the Bank The Miz. Moving on, about an hour before the Main Event, it should be emphasized that during the show we have seen carefully conversing MVP, boss of Hurt Business, Stable of great importance in the red show, and The Miz and at the end of the show we can guess that a sort of 'pact' between the parties.

In fact, Lashley intervened to favor The Miz and served him the title of WWE Champion on a silver plate. Now all the plans at WWE are changing and there is curiosity about what will happen in the future, especially in view of Wrestlemania 37.

What could be next for the new WWE Champion The Miz?

After failing the first opportunity and after the second chance 'given to him' by Adam Pearce, The Miz took advantage of the opportunity and took the title. This success brings a record that the WWE Champion now holds together with 4 other great wrestlers in the history of Vince McMahon's company.

In fact, The Miz has joined a WWE elite list of wrestlers who have won two WWE world titles over ten years apart. In this list, there are real legends of this entertaining sport, namely Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Bruno Sammartino and finally Bob Backlund.

Unlike The Miz at this moment The Rock and Brock Lesnar are away for reasons other than the WWE ring: if the former is currently focused on his career as an actor, Brock Lesnar is Free Agent and it is not known if and when he will return to fight in a WWE ring.

The Miz is the new WWE Champion and there will surely be a grand celebration on Monday Night RAW tomorrow. However, the circumstances under which he won the title were interesting as it was Bobby Lashley from The Hurt Business who helped him by attacking Drew McIntyre after the latter's Elimination Chamber match.

Previously in the night, MVP was seen talking to The Miz and one has to believe that he made some deal with the new WWE Champion, the details of which could be revealed on Monday Night RAW tomorrow.