WWE legend tells Riddle to go back to UFC after The Undertaker's comments

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WWE legend tells Riddle to go back to UFC after The Undertaker's comments

In recent weeks, Matt Riddle has attracted for a change, the ire of several insiders, expressing some thoughts on former WWE wrestlers, now historical, who have made some comparisons between the world of pro-wrestling today and that of 10-15 or even 20 years ago.

What caused the most uproar was The Undertaker's speech about what the backstage of the then WWF/E looked like several years ago, with the Deadman portraying his colleagues as "real men", very much often armed with knives and guns at any time of day or night, with today's colleagues who are far less masculine and tough than they used to be.

Those words did not go down to Riddle, who wanted to respond to the gravedigger, saying that the older generation of federation wrestlers was definitely dumber than today.

Riddle's response to The Undertaker's "soft" comments

After reading the words of the new US Champion of Monday Night Raw, the WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, thus wanted to intervene in his Hall of Fame Podcast, with the former WCW world champion who in fact stated: "If Matt Riddle has something to say about what The Undertaker said or about anything else he said, then it could be a problem.

It is the first real interview The Undertaker has held in years. For someone to open their eyes to what business is today, this person should talk to him, not some reporter. This is just my thoughts on the thing. To say that all the kids in what can also be called "my era" were stupid - what do you mean by that? And above all, how do you get to this conclusion? I was also reading the part about MMA kids, you know, that's a really, really tough world too.

So go and work for Dana White. Remember what Dana White said about the end of her UFC run. He goes back there and starts doing what you really want again. But if he works for WWE and you are confused about what is going on in the UFC, that's a problem.

If someone doesn't like it and it still doesn't go down, it will continue to be a problem." Apparently, the comments made a few days ago by the new American Raw champion would not have gone down to the WWE multiple world champion, who in fact wanted to defend the "old guard", of which he too is a part.

On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, The Undertaker said that the modern generation of wrestlers is "soft" compared to his era. Riddle, in reply, said that there's a modern breed of wrestlers who are "real savages" and not "pretend" ones.

Riddle also said that wrestlers in The Undertaker's era weren't "smart" and that modern wrestlers are smarter, with regard to their health and training.