Former referee on the past problems between The Rock and John Cena

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Former referee on the past problems between The Rock and John Cena

One of the biggest fights in Wrestlemania, not once but twice, in what was originally supposed to be WWE's "Once in a Lifetime", was the clash between The Rock and John Cena, two of the most important faces in history.

of the pro-wrestling world, especially for the McMahon-owned company. In their clashes in the ring, both the important Hollywood actor and the multiple world champion who also appeared in Sanremo a few years ago, gave their best, with a match at Wrestlemania 28 won by The Rock, which was then repeated a year later, with the victory of Cena leading to their scores getting tied.

Apparently, the initial job that John Cena had to grant to the Scorpion King actor, did not exactly go to the genius of the Boston rapper, with the former WWE referee, Mike Chioda, who in fact wanted to tell all the disappointment by John in his latest interview.

Mike Chioda explains the past problems between Rock and John Cena

In his last speech on Monday Mailbag, former WWE referee Mike Chioda, released in the wave of layoffs last April 2020, wanted to better explain the situation around the first clash between John Cena and The Rock at Wrestlemania 28, saying: "I have always admired The Rock during the years we worked together and in the end Rock chose me to be the referee of his match against Cena, in his return to the ring.

I was really excited about it, it was wonderful. We had this match, so, you know, Rock wanted me at any cost and he wanted me to organize everything and I think Cena was having a bit of a problem granting the job, as Cena had been there carrying the torch for at least 10 years...

And at some point The Rock popped out of nowhere, after being in Hollywood for years and he had to work at The Rock? Well, sure, the show was in Miami. The Rock is a huge Hollywood star right now and I think there was some heat in that context.

I think there was some dissent. But, you had to go where the money went. I mean, they wanted to send over The Rock and I was happy with that. And as I was, so were many other fans." John Cena and The Rock have spoken about their 'real-life heat' in the past, and they eventually ironed out their differences as time passed.

It's, however, ironic to note that John Cena has followed in The Rock's footsteps by becoming a mainstream attraction in Hollywood.