Melina on the rumors of her signing with WWE last year

In September, PWInsider reported that Melina had signed a new WWE contract

by Simone Brugnoli
Melina on the rumors of her signing with WWE last year

In recent months there has been much talk of a possible return of a former world champion, as well as manager of the famous MNM tag team seen at Smackdown years ago, Melina, to the rings of the Stamford-based company. The former manager of the duo who had a great feud against the couple formed by Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, at the height of the success of Smackdown in Italy, had to return to the WWE scene on a permanent basis with the company, with an agreement that many sources now seemed certain and that even the girl had covertly confirmed on some occasions, without ever getting too specific.

Melina on signing a new contract with WWE

After seeing her brief appearance on Stamford's TV screens on Raw Legends, Melina is back on WWE and why she never returned to the McMahon rings, revealing to Wrestle Talk site microphones: "We were talking about a possible return.

But our discussions had stopped at the possibility of doing it and all those things. Everyone has embroidered on a case and made the deal for us. I was really in talks with them (WWE ed), but I never signed a contract, there was none of that still going on.

I was just asked 'Hey, would you like to consider coming back? Would you be inclined to do that? ', And I said' Man, yes 'Well, in the end it turns out that I have a bad knee so I can't fight.' Apparently, due to a broken knee, the former WWE Women's Champion will not be able to make her return to the rings of the company that made her famous, with a stint that lasted a few years that saw her busy.

as a wrestler, with the girl who has won several belts in his career, as a manager of the aforementioned MNM or even of Mark Henry, in a small situation. Fans of her will surely be saddened by this news. Melina also downplayed the idea that the knee injury was the only thing keeping WWE from signing her to a new deal last year.

She made it known that even if she was completely healthy, the company still might not have signed her. “Who knows if I didn’t have a bad knee if they would have signed me? Or you never know, if I had a good knee they wanted to see if I was open to it, but probably not get signed. That’s just the way wrestling is. It’s never a guarantee."