Major swerve being planned for RETRIBUTION

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Major swerve being planned for RETRIBUTION

Over the last few months, there has been nothing but talk of the RETRIBUTION on Monday Night Raw. The masked stable did good and bad weather on the show, but not everyone was convinced of its effectiveness. The leadership of former 205 Live star Ali also didn't seem to work perfectly.

Precisely for this reason their fate now seems to have come to an end. Some clues were scattered during the last episode, where T-BAR and Mace lost a Tag Team match against Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. At the end of the meeting, Ali was furious with them, wondering how much he still can bear their failures.

Even the WWE Twitter account has put the flea in the ears of fans, speculating a dissolution soon.

What next for RETRIBUTION?

The performance of the stable on the main roster was certainly not the best. the members had been preemptively quarantined in September and Mia Yim recently tested positive for the virus.

Several inside sources also reported how WWE offered a very low-average contract to all wrestlers involved, except Ali who already had a deal signed with the main roster. We'll see what the plans are for them ahead of the 37th edition of WrestleMania, scheduled for April 10 and 11.

Former WWE star Darren Young in a past interview had proposed a clash between the RETRIBUTION and the Nexus at the most important PPV of the year, but it is very difficult for that to happen. Ali's stable had also ended up in the spotlight for being compared to the Capitol Hill rioters, which marked one of the most controversial pages in American history, but the accusations were promptly returned to the sender by those directly involved, who distanced themselves.

from what happened. The RETRIBUTION has also been teased several times by fans and former wrestlers on social networks, above all CM Punk, who repeatedly made fun of it by trolling on the possibility of being the leader. RETRIBUTION members T-Bar, Mace, Slapjack, and Reckoning are all talented Superstars who were prominent in NXT.

However, their main roster run has floundered and none of them has been able to receive individual attention. T-Bar has become one of the most popular Superstars on social media given his quick whit and funny Tweets. It is imaginable that, T-Bar, aka Dominik Dijakovic, will become the breakout star when the faction splits.

RETRIBUTION has had a decent run on RAW having feuded with The Hurt Business, Ricochet, and The New Day. However, it can be argued that they started looking weaker and weaker with each program.