Big news on Carlito's future and WWE plans

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Big news on Carlito's future and WWE plans

One of the most surprising returns in the latest edition of the Royal Rumble was certainly that of former WWE superstar Carlito. The 42-year-old wrestler, who, years ago, was passionate about the WWE Universe, is back in excellent condition and immediately after the Pay Per View he also participated in the episode of Raw where he was the protagonist of the victory together with Jeff Hardy.

PWInsider colleagues reported that the signing of his new contract with WWE was actually a formality, but as things have changed, however, the Puerto Rican wrestler has no longer participated in shows of the company of Vince McMahon.

Veteran wrestler and founder of Lucha Libre Online Hugo Savinovich was a guest of UnSKripted Sportkeeda with Dr. Chris Featherstone. Hugo spoke precisely of Carlito.

Big news on Carlito's future and WWE plans

Hugo Savinovich worked in WWE for nearly 17 years as a producer and revealed that he had talked to Carlito about his future.

The former wrestler noticed that Carlito was quite reluctant to talk about his future and about that he spoke: "I was with him, but I have to say he didn't really want to give any information. I asked him if there were still negotiations between him and WWE for his return, then I pointed out that he had won a match on Raw and that it was important."

During the episode, Savinovich revealed that in the past Carlito was very uninterested and when he was called to discuss the shows he almost always replied that he did not care. Now, Hugo reports, Carlito is more mature and WWE ready.

During the broadcast, the former creative revealed that the contacts between the parties are still ongoing, WWE monitors Carlito's situation but there are no agreements yet: "WWE monitors everything, they have people and they notice everything he says.

and even makes it out of WWE. Carlito told me he was ready to go back and they noticed this, I don't know if you have noticed it too but Carlito is now more mature and ready to work in WWE." Carlito himself is ready to be involved with WWE again, and Savinovich explained that it was the right time for the Peurto Rican Superstar to return.

Savinovich felt that Carlito had matured as a person and performer. "We're talking now because we're news, and they check, one thing I've got to tell you. They (WWE) monitor everything. They have people. They are not going to write down everything we say, but the most important things about WWE, they will get it.

And what Carlito said tonight on my broadcast, they are going to sit down, and he said he is ready. It feels like he is at the right point. I don't know if you've seen him, but he is put together, he is more mature."