Maria Kanellis fiercely criticizes WWE

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Maria Kanellis fiercely criticizes WWE

Over the years in WWE he has often conducted storylines about couples, about situations that saw the pregnant woman and much more. The last case concerns that of Lacey Evans, who, actually pregnant by her partner, was the protagonist of a particular and interesting storyline with Charlotte Flair and Ric Flair (her partner of hers on Monday Night Raw).

During the Dropkick podcast, former WWE superstar Maria Kanellis revealed her attitude towards her from Vince McMahon's company when they found out she was pregnant with her child. In the podcast the former diva has spoken since their arrival in the federation: “Mike and I came to the knowledge that we were fighting an uphill battle.

Initially they were very interested in us and then things were questioned. We all thought that Mike would have a great experience, he had worked many times even outside the company with wrestlers like Sami Zayn, Bobby Lashley and the same Drew McIntyre or Jeff Hardy.

I remember Kevin Owens struggled for a long time to get us in the company and apologized for how it turned out. I remember when I announced that I was pregnant they took a step back, a step back from everything they wanted to do with us.

Before we announced that I was pregnant we made a great debut and then the following weeks it went like this, I don't know who we didn't like, but I know that in the end, it's Vince who decides. Vince McMahon decides everything and sometimes I think back to all the wrestlers who entered the main roster and then disappeared, some were very talented but nothing changes."

Maria Kanellis fiercely criticizes WWE

Then Maria Kanellis revealed: "When I was pregnant the WWE had a storyline in store for us where Mike and I always had to fight, I complained that he wasn't there and he eventually got bored of me and left me alone.

In general I think Mike and I were appreciated on Raw, but we simply weren't liked by Vince McMahon. "It is not the first time that Maria Kanellis has attacked Vince McMahon and the WWE leaders in general. Another account fired back a reply saying: “I love how heroic and manly your husband is, to the point where his wife has to stick up for him… Welp, Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Also, enjoy those simps in the comment section!! Yikes!” Mike Kanellis can speak for himself, and he did so in this instance. He fired back a witty reply along with an animated gif of a manly man shaving with a razor.