Edge reacts to fan criticizing him for picking Roman Reigns

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Edge reacts to fan criticizing him for picking Roman Reigns

Elimination Chamber, the latest PPV to air from WWE's ThunderDome in St. Petersburg, has now gone to the archives, with plenty of twists that have entertained the WWE Universe fans who have been on the night, or even those who watched it on a deferred basis thanks to WWE Network around the world.

In a transitional PPV that in theory shouldn't have changed the cards too much, the management of the Stamford-based company has instead seen fit to twist many of the storylines that currently air on the weekly shows of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

While the WWE was in fact forced to shuffle the deck with some absences arrived in extremis, at the last second, such as that of Keith Lee, who missed the match valid for the United States title or the absence of Lacey Evans, who became pregnant only a few days ago, on the other hand, the McMahons have deliberately changed important scenarios, such as the one around the WWE Championship, which changed hands in the PPV not inside the cage, but after the match, with The Miz who cashed his briefcase on an exhausted McIntyre and who had also suffered a ferocious attack by Bobby Lashley.

As for the upper part of the Smackdown card, however, everything went smoothly as everyone expected on the eve of the event, with Edge going to challenge the Universal Champion Roman Reigns, after the latter he won his match against Daniel Bryan, who had come out of the blue show's Elimination Chamber not a little suffering, but he had won.

After a sonorous Spear that landed on Roman Reigns, putting an end to his celebrations of the evening, the Rated R Superstar immediately indicated the billboard dedicated to Wrestlemania, with the clear signal that Edge will face the athlete of Samoan origin in the Grandaddy of Them All.

Edge took his merry time choosing his WrestleMania 37 opponent

After the official confirmation of the WWE, who with a short press release "the stamp" certifying the challenge, the Rated R Superstar also came to break the silence, who with the following message on his Twitter page, thus cut off the head of the bull, also formalizing his choice in words: "Rated R Superstar.

Tribal Chief. Universal Championship. Wrestlemania. Enough said." Apparently, the time for words would be over, with the feud between the Canadian multi-champion and the former Shield hound getting more and more alive, in one of the most important Road to Wrestlemania.

unique and rare, which despite the absence of fans in the arenas still manages to give great emotions to the public connected from home. Roman Reigns was not happy about the fact that Edge wasn't making a call, and demanded respect from the veteran.

He finally made his choice known at Elimination Chamber, and most of the fans seem happy with his decision. Roman Reigns is the biggest heel in WWE at the moment, and his outing with a babyface like Edge makes the most sense.