The Big Show signs with AEW

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The Big Show signs with AEW

AEW continues to overturn the current landscape of wrestling. Through a press release published on the official website, it was in fact announced that Paul Wight, this is the real name of Big Show, has signed a multi-year contract with Tony Khan's Company.

The veteran, however, will not currently be an active wrestler but will join the commentary table on AEW Dark: Elevation, an expansion of the show that airs on YouTube. AEW Dark: Elevation will be broadcast every Monday at 7 am on the Company's channel and will give space to the athletes of the roster and the main stars of the independent federations.

The show will also have a temporal continuity with Dynamite, Dark and all PPVs. This means that the ranking system based on wins and losses will also have value in this stage. Here's how Paul Wight commented on hiring him: "For me, it was great to see what AEW has built in a few years.

AEW Dark is an incredible platform to make room for new stars and allow established ones to hone their skills. In AEW there are no limits."

The Big Show's last appearance for WWE and what to expect from his run in AEW?

These, however, are the words of Tony Khan: "Paul Wight is one of the most important figures in the world of wrestling and one of the most mammoth athletes.

He wanted to sign with AEW because he truly believes that we are the best wrestling company and that they can offer us much of his experience, both in the ring and as an AEW commentator and ambassador." A shocking announcement since The Big Show had repeatedly admitted that his intention was to retire to WWE and work backstage.

His last television appearance dates back to Raw's Legends Night, staged in January. Who knows what Vince McMahon's reaction must have been to his decision. Further details on the Big Show signing in AEW will be provided in tonight's episode of Dynamite.

The Big Show last appeared for WWE on the RAW Legends Night special episode in January where he was involved in a backstage segment with Randy Orton. One of the rivalries to look forward to for The Big Show in AEW will be against basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal, who has appeared in AEW recently.

The Big Show and Shaquille O'Neal clashed during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 and the basketball legend has expressed his desire to face The World's Largest Athlete again.